How to Feed StealthSeminar Live Webinars to Your Attendees

When live streaming, there are three main components to every stream. They are your originating system, such as your computer. Your production broadcaster software (Ecamm or OBS are examples of those). Then the live stream is processed by your broadcaster to your webinar attendees.  Here is an image of how this looks.


To live stream, you need all three of those components.

(To avoid having three components, you can use software such as Zoom or GoToMeeting, which is not streaming but instead web conferencing software. That will allow you to broadcast within that software but requires your attendees to download that software to attend. Streaming does not need your attendees to download anything, which typically makes for higher attendee rates.)

There are several live webinar production software available today. Some are paid and some free, but each has its unique features.

My favorite for Mac is Ecamm Live. Ecamm Live is a straightforward Mac-only software to broadcast live webinars through StealthSeminar live.

In this article, we will provide you with some details on how Ecamm Live works, how to get started with the tool, and how you can use it with StealthSeminar. Then I will cover my recommended free option (called OBS), which is a terrific choice for both those on Mac or PC.

How Ecamm Live Works

Ecamm Live is a Mac program that feeds your broadcast into YouTube Live, which provides StealthSeminar Live.

How does StealthSeminar fit into that equation? StealthSeminar allows you to:

– register attendees
– sends reminder emails
– send an SMS reminder
– track and deliver your broadcast to registered attendees
– triggers calls to actions
– triggers polls, and surveys, and more.

In addition to hosting live webinars, Ecamm Live is designed with several tools to help enhance your webinar experience. Some of these tools and features include:

  • Professional camera support
  • Screen sharing
  • Image and text overlays

If you have ever seen my live streams this year, you have seen me use Ecamm Live.

How to Use Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live is super easy to use, which is why it’s my favorite. I spend less time on setup and less time messing with my webinars. Here are a few steps on how to get started and use Ecamm Live:

Step 1. Download a Free Trial. Although Ecamm Live requires a paid subscription, you can download a free trial in seconds. You can begin playing around with it to see if it is the right tool for you. Simply click the “download” button to start using the tool now.

Step 2. Host Your Webinar. Within seconds from downloading Ecamm Live, you can easily see that all the controls you need to host your webinar are right on your desktop, ready to go. You can also move around the Ecamm control widgets or close them out altogether.

Step 3. Integrate With Other Programs, including StealthSeminar. Ecamm Live integrates with four other broadcast platforms. This allows you to broadcast to your Facebook business page, YouTube channel, or StealthSeminar without any complicated setup. Once you’re up and running life, you can easily see your audience size as well as any comments, notifications, and reactions.

What I Like Most About Ecamm Live

In addition to its easy user interface and controls, Ecamm Live provides all the tools and features I need to host fantastic live webinars.

Here are some of my other favorite features about Ecamm Live:

  • Webinar recording options
  • Easy to share images and files live
  • Control and change the background and appearance with a few clicks
  • Add webinar guests
  • And oh so EASY to use!

Ecamm Live is a simple yet powerful and affordable live webinar tool.

Other PC and Free Broadcaster Options

Ecamm Live is only designed for Mac, and it also has a fee involved. But what if you are on a PC or would like to avoid paying a fee for the broadcaster? Well, you are in luck. There is another tremendously valuable broadcaster called OBS. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software.

OBS is designed for both Windows and Mac. It is entirely free to use.

It is a very robust, stable software that I have used for years. If you want to save money or are on a PC, I highly recommend it.

Who is Ecamm Live Best For?

So why do I use Ecamm Live now? Well, I use Ecamm Live because of the ease of use. It is easier for me to use. Not being a technical person that is important to me. Of course, Ecamm Live is a paid software, so I’m paying for the convenience.

As I explained briefly above, StealthSeminar is built around the live webinar broadcast. It allows users to register attendees, send reminders to attendees (via email and SMS), view lists of attendees, segment attendees, and so on.

Based on over a decade of integration experience for our StealthSeminar clients, we believe that Ecamm Live is for those on Mac looking for an easy-to-use, robust live webinar tool.

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