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StealthSeminar is the most profitable and the best automated webinar platform ever. Run pre-recorded webinars as if they are live events to leverage time and generate automated income.

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Client Success with Automated Webinars

We have helped thousands of clients succeed with their automated webinar system and the numbers keep growing daily! Here are a few clients discussing their experience with creating webinars through our automated webinar platform.
SamCart testimonial
Brian Moran, CEO & Founder - SamCart
Tyson testimonial
Tyson Zahner, Owner - Join Tyson
Ryan testimonial
Ryan Rockwell, Founder - Grow Yoga Biz
TomAntion testimonial
Tom Antion from the Screw the Commute Podcast
NoelleRandall testimonial
Noelle Randall, Noelle Randall Coaching
ChrisVermeulen testimonial
Chris Vermeulen
The power of StealthSeminar

Automate webinars. Generate leads & sales. Build authority. Optimize results.

StealthSeminar is the automated webinar system you need to start building your business and creating relationships.

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Automate webinars

Upload and automate all of your webinars to turbocharge your process.

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Generate leads & sales

Use our templates for the registration form, CTAs, email, screen sharing, automated chat messages, and other webinar tools to funnel leads and sales to your webinars.

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Build authority

StealthSeminar has resources and coaching to help you build and maintain the authority needed to see results for your on-demand webinar marketing.

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Optimize results

Keep track of your webinar stats using our analytics dashboard for in-depth knowledge on how to refine your business and online meetings.

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“StealthSeminar has let me scale up my business to over a million dollars a month….No other automated webinar service or webinar platforms come with the consistency, stability or service of StealthSeminar.”
Russell Ruffino, CEO, Clients on Demand
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Russ Ruffino
We have you covered

Everything you need to make a better automated webinar

Because we are so committed to your success, we're going overboard with webinar automation—making sure your automated and live webinars are top-notch.

scheduling a webinar and choosing what type
gear icon Multiple Webinar Solutions

Automated webinars to save time

While automated webinars are certainly our most popular, our webinar platform StealthSeminar offers live webinar hosting options to suit your specific needs.


  • 4 Webinar Types
  • All Templates
  • Evergreen Events
  • Event Creation

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choosing a template for webinar registration
ways to generate leads and sales icon New ways to generate leads and sales

Great templates to convert more leads

Our webinar software and automated webinar tool help you generate professional-looking pages in just minutes. Couple this with Sign-up & Registration templates to create a webinar landing page that drives leads.

We also offer templates, graphics, and slides for your Google, PowerPoint, or keynote presentations.

Lead Generation Tools

  • CTAs
  • Registration Templates
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Scarcity Tools

Generate more leads & sales >

webinar attendance list
be bigger than life icon Be bigger than life

Demonstrate authority and expertise

Professional clout no doubt results in increased leads, and sales. In real-time, automated webinar software StealthSeminar will help you build, and maintain the authority needed to start seeing results.


  • Faux Webinar Attendees
  • Live Chat
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Scarcity Tools

Build authority >

webinar conversion rates
magnifying glass icon MAKE informed BUSINESS DECISIONS

Analyze and track your hard work

Use our webinar stats dashboard to dig into what is working, and more importantly, what isn’t. Then, fine-tune your efforts using our automated webinar tool to realize your vision.

Tracking Tools

  • Webinar Analytics Dashboard
  • FB Pixel/Google Tag Manager
  • Sales Tracking Pixel
  • Split Testing

Gain insight >

setting up an automated webinar
graduation hat icon webinar coaching

Learn how to create effective, on-demand webinars

StealthSeminar’s key features are committed to helping you succeed in real-time. That’s why our team will set up your online events and online meetings for you!

Additionally, provide an extensive knowledge base, alongside spectacular customer service to make sure everything is up to your standards.

Learning tools

  • Live Webinar Coaching
  • Free Resources
  • Stellar Customer Service
  • Event Creation

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Get more with Live and Automated Webinars with StealthSeminar

tracking webinar attendance

Attendance tracking

Find out which webinars are performing when you go live, and which are not. Dig into important data every time you run a live webinar.

Start tracking >

encoding video icon

Video encoding

Never worry about video format again. StealthSeminar detects and encodes your videos for you.

Upload videos >

conducting polls and surveys icon

Polls and surveys

What’s important to your audience can be capitalized on by you. Figure that out with feedback.

Create surveys >

integrating email icon

Automated Webinars Email integration

We’ll connect StealthSeminar to your email service for you. And even provide free email templates.

Connect your email >

SMS notification icon

Automated Webinar SMS notifications

Want to get people to show up on your webinar sessions? Send them an SMS (Text message).

Send reminders >

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High Conversion Webinar Landing Page

Continually updated high converting registration page for your recorded webinar and online events.

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Start building a better lead funnel

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Marketing automation to make your webinar sessions seamless

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Don’t just listen to us:

Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad

Real Estate Training Programs

“Stealth Seminar Rocks! If you want to run live webinars or evergreen webinars with no hassle then StealthSeminar is the way to go”

Jane Tabachnick

Jane Tabachnick

Publicity for Introverts

“You have taken the headache out of setting up technology. Your team is prompt and courteous! Stealth has been a great addition to my business and profitability!”

Rick Dawson

Rick Dawson

Investor & Mentor

“StealthSeminar continues to push the envelope with automated webinars and do more updates and additions than any other online product I use.”

Lisa Sasevich

Lisa Sasevich

The Queen of Sales Conversion

“We love StealthSeminar for our Speak-to-Sell Bootcamp grads because it gives them a way to put their Signature Talk on autopilot and make money while they sleep! “

Jesse Eker

Jesse Eker

Harv Eker International

“Stealth Seminar is just as important to our business as our CRM. It has allowed us to create a predictable revenue stream along with being stable and reliable software.”

Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier

Live Out Loud

“StealthSeminar is profitable and easy to use. It makes no difference if they attend the webinar with computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. the webinar runs right and converts.”

Tom Antion

Tom Antion

Internet Marketing Expert

“I want you to know how impressed I am with your customer service. We are the same way here, but there are very few of us left in the world.”

Madeleine MacRae

Madeleine MacRae

Speaker, Mentor, Industry Expert

“Hi Geoff! Your team averted a near disaster for me on Thursday afternoon and I’m SO GRATEFUL!!!!”

Alex Nottingham

Alex Nottingham, J.D., M.B.A.

Founder & CEO

“Stealth webinar has blown away my other marketing systems. Plus, Geoff’s webinar training bonus should not be ignored. Follow his process. Once I did, my conversions TRIPLED!”

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Strategist

“Your customer service is wonderful. I love StealthSeminar.”

Kevin Nations

Kevin Nations

Kevin Nations

“If you want to do Webinars that make Big $$$ – Geoff has the ‘in’ on the business. In fact, he invented the Automated Webinar model with StealthSeminar.”

Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss


“Thanks for an awesome product. We’ve seen a ton of success with our perpetual webinars!”

Start Automating Your Webinars Today

Do you want to avoid hosting live webinars with endless preparation, setup, and hours?

An automated webinar is a pre-recorded video designed to look and feel like a live webinar. Instead of real-time online meetings, the video is replayed at specific times.

StealthSeminar is the perfect webinar software for lead generation!

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