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Starter Plan

$ 69.95 /month
100 simultaneous attendees
  • Automated Webinars
  • Live Webinars
  • Active Response Statistics™
  • Webinar Funnel Pages
  • Webinar Email Reminders
  • Webinar Chat / Q & A
  • Pro Video Encoding
  • Closed Captioning
  • Bandwidth Detection
  • 7 Days a Week Support


$ 99.95 /month
100 simultaneous attendees


  • Worldwide SMS Reminders (up to 6000 a month)
  • Facebook Reminders
  • Personalized Images
  • Split Test
  • White Label Custom Domain
  • White Label Custom Email Sent from Address
  • Hybrid Webinar
  • Registration Field Customization


$ 175.00 /month
simultaneous attendees


  • Worldwide SMS Reminders
  • Priority Email Delivery
  • White Glove Phone Support
  • 900 streaming hours per month
  • Additional hours available

Power Plan

Customized Pricing
Customized to your simultaneous attendee needs


  • Free Advanced Plugins
  • Priority SMS Reminders
  • Priority Pro Video Encoding
  • Custom Contracts and Invoicing
  • 25K+ simultaneous attendees

Every StealthSeminar plan includes…

  • Present unlimited number of webinars a month
  • Custom Email Reminders
  • Webinar Registration Templates
  • Webinar Thank You for Registering Template
  • Webinar Event Template
  • Webinar Replay Template
  • Webinar Encoding
  • Webinar Streaming
  • Attendee Auto-Detection
  • White Glove Ticket Support
  • No Risk Double Guarantee
  • Stealth Overage Guard

No Risk Double Guarantee

You have a 30 days no questions asked 100% guarantee. Second, If during the first 60 days, something does not work like it is supposed to work you can receive a 100% refund.


In the past (and with most webinar systems) if you want to offer your attendees a webinar someone must manually be there to make it happen. Automated means that is not the case. You can set up your webinars once and they will run as frequently as you desire for as long as you desire.
StealthSeminar offers one of a kind functionality for webinars including Live, Automated, Live Chat and Hybrid Webinars (part automated and part live).
You need to provide a video file in any standard format such as MP4, FLV, MOV, etc.
The plugins are optional. They add more functionality to your existing Autoresponder or CRM system to allow you to do more complex integration. We offer free or paid plugins. You can see more here.
The entire webinar funnel; Webinar Registration Page, Thank You for Registering Page, Event Page, Event Over Page and Replay Page.
We have clients all around the world that use our system with their desired language including: French, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and more. The only exception is for character based language such as japanese, etc.
Yes so long as your autoresponder or CRM system allows you to place a HTML form on a web page or allows you to use an API.
We have technicians available to help you seven days a week 362 days out of the year. We take three holidays a year; Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Many say our support is of the best online they have ever experienced.
Our Support Hours are 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm eastern (9am to 5pm on weekends)
Upload your webinar video. Set your scheduding, choose page templates and make any additional tweaks you desire. Support is standing by to assist should you have any questions.
You can create slides for your webinar using any tool you desire.
Yes you can use a webinar you have already recorded. It needs to be in some standard video format such as MP4, FLV, MOV, etc.
During the free 30 Day Trial, you are limited to 150 webinar registrants per webinar. If you would like to remove this limitation you can upgrade your account.