The StealthSeminar Story

There are many examples: Jobs and Wozniak, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Sometimes it takes a collaboration to pull off something great – and maybe even change the world while you’re at it.

Geoff is a marketer and was a Hypnotist who was also the creator of the top Internet resource for operating and marketing successful hypnosis businesses. As someone who had many customers relying on him to create and deliver content in a ti mely manner, Geoff had wanted to automate his webinars. He was shocked to find out that no service was available to do so. Being an automation guy himself, it seemed only natural to automate webinars. If you’ve ever had to give the same presentations over and over again, you understand. Or if you’ve ever wanted to maximize your profitability, then you probably like to save time and work efficiently. This is what Geoff envisioned automated webinars could do for him.

Enter Chris Frolic, an unorthodox entrepreneur and rule breaker who also happens to be one of the best-selling DJs of the 1990s. His particular skill set, involving developing tools in early e-commerce and as a pioneer in streaming radio, brought immediate solutions to the long road of technical challenges that had eluded everyone until then. Like other co-founding titans, the real magic happened as they collaborated and created StealthSeminar.

As the market took notice, requests flooded in to use the system. Chris & Geoff launched StealthSeminar in March 2010 and it was an immediate hit. Almost ten years later, StealthSeminar is the world’s most popular automated webinar system and currently saves businesses owners around the world millions of hours a year while it delivers content, generates leads, and creates sales on autopilot.