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Looking for webinar software and EasyWebinar alternatives? You’ve come to the right place. Whatever it is that lead you to this page, we’re glad you’re here! We’re StealthSeminar, and we’re the best automated webinar software on the market. Why? Let us break it down for you!

Before we begin though, we want to give a quick shout out to the folks at EasyWebinar. We saw what you said about us, and we appreciate it. We respect you too! That’s why below we’re not throwing shade, just sharing facts. Alright, here we go!

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Main Features
Initial Cost
Free Trial
Monthly Cost
Free 30 days trial
No credit required
Automated Webinar Functionality
Run unlimited automated webinars
Live Webinar Functionality
We integrate with YouTube Live
Hybrid Automated Webinar System
StealthSeminar invented the Hybrid. The Hybrid is a combination of an automated and live webinar. No other system offers that. Others claim to do so but in reality you need to start the webinar and play a video. Hardly a way to leverage time with more manual effort.
Automated with Live Chat Webinars
Your webinar runs automated and you or staff run a live chat, You can also preload chat messages for your live chat
Screen Share Support
Got stuck? Schedule a screen share with support
To Save You Money
Price Includes Streaming Fees
No surprising costs at the end of the month.
Price Includes Fees to Set Up Webinar
It's easy, fast and free to to have us set up your events.
SMS Reminders included
Maximize your attendee rates.
Professionally Encodes your Files
Want your attendees to convert? Then give them the best file for the purpose.
Creates Multiple File Types
Because not all systems and internet speeds are the same.
Smart Bandwidth Detection
Without this you are guessing at what webinar file they should get
All in One File Hosting
You can host webinar files as well as all related files such as images, workbooks, etc.
To Maximize Conversions
Built-in FB Reminders
Send custom FB reminders without any third party tools
Public Webinar
This allows you run automated, live or replay webinars without pre-registering, registering, email, name, etc. nothing whatsoever
Stealth Personalized Pics
Imagine sending emails to your registrants that are dynamically personalized with images with their names, etc
Prime Insertion Point
Drop in late attendees at highest conversion point in presentation
Just in Time Scheduling
Another StealthSeminar discovery that delivers up to 80% attendee rates.
Minutes Until Webinar
Run your webinar X minutes after landing on the page
Distraction Free Webinar URL
Webinar pages exist on distraction free site so your clients are not trying to be sold a webinar service and can instead focus on your message. We broadcast on There is nothing for them to sign up for or to purchase at that site. Sure it costs us sales but it maximizes yours.
Distraction Free Attendee Help
Webinar Attendees help materials exist on distraction free site so your clients are not trying to be sold a webinar service and can instead focus on your message. We broadcast on There is nothing for them to sign up for or to purchase at that site. Sure it costs us sales but it maximizes yours.
Unlimited File Sharing during Live Webinar
Interaction (real or faux) improves conversations
Unlimited Timing / Scarcity Tools
Interaction (real or faux) improves conversations
Smart Redirect
Send your webinar attendees anywhere you desire based on rules you set for attendance vs missed webinar. Only system that works for all devices
Smart Attendee Tools
Major benefits including if you are offering a webinar multiple times a day, it does not reveal that it is not a live webinar. Your attendee cannot register for the same one multiple times each day.
Polls Live
Interact live with your attendees and see the results
Polls Automated
Interact with your attendees with preconvieved outcomes and see the results
User Ban
you can ban users from live chat and eliminate trouble attendees from your live chat.
Automated Chat
You control what is said, who says it and at what time it happens in the webinar. No live chat comments are seen by anyone so there is no undermining your presentation such as "this sucks," etc.
High Converting Registration Pages
20+ Beautiful pages. Continually added fresh pages make conversions soar.
Automated Registration Page Close Down
This Optional features gives that life like appearance.
Present Webinar on Your Site URL
Use your site or our faux meeting site.
Call to Action button maker
Use our own button maker to create your beautiful calls to actions
Call to Action Below Webinar Window
Control how your event looks and where your call to action appears.
To Customize Your Events
Marketing Webhook
Easily integrate with all autoresponders, CRM, Tech tools, etc
Clean & Minimalistic Webinar Pages
Embed widgets for timer and date time
Show just the timer or date time or both together on your own site. No coding required.
Custom CSS
Worldwide Language Support
Lets you edit/update every text that attendees see
To Measure and Increase
Webinar Dollar Stats
See how many dollars you generated.
Webinar Attendee Active Response Stat™
Shows stats of ONLY who is engaged with your webinar. If on another tab or software, it shows they are not attending your webinar. You receive only accurate stats, no false data.
Automated vs Replays Stats
See detailed, separated stats for automated vs replay
Tracking Friendly URLs
Our urls are tracking friendly, we use https for all our pages, you can add your own tracking to any of the pages you want
UTM Parameter Tracking
Automatically track UTM parameters and pass them to your autoresponder

No One Beats our Free Trial Offer or Guarantee

We give you a full 30-day trial of our webinar software without taking your credit card information upfront. Of all the webinar platforms available, we haven’t found anyone else doing this. You might even be asking yourself why would we do this? Because we’re so confident that you’ll love what we’re offering, you’ll happily sign with us at the end of that 30 days.

And, because we know we’re the best, we even give you a 60-day guarantee that if things don’t work the way they are supposed to you can get a 100% refund. Let’s put it this way, we’ve been around the block a few times. We’ve seen what everyone else is offering in the automated webinar business, and we know we can do it better. Yep, we said it!

We’ve Mastered the Evergreen and Automated Live Webinar

You could host only live webinars, and we’ll even equip you with the tools to do that if that tickles your fancy. But, we know you’re busy and don’t have time to always be live. That doesn’t change the fact that you want to host webinars and appear live before a studio audience! Okay, maybe not a studio audience. We’ll save that for late-night TV.

The kind of viewing we’re interested in is the kind that lets your audience check out your webinar at all hours of the day, while you look like you’re live, even when you’re sleeping, out to dinner, or on vacation. Our automated webinar software has all the bells and whistles you and your viewers have come to expect from a live webinar including polls, automated chat, file-sharing, high converting registration pages, countdowns, call-to-actions, and more.

We’ve Come a Long Way Since our Early Days

As time has gone by, we’ve learned a thing or two about what our customers really want. They want streaming fees included with their pricing. They also want smart bandwidth detection and all-in-one file hosting. We’ve got all that! But we didn’t stop there. We also give you a distraction-free webinar URL, smart attendee tools, tracking tools, and all the things you need to turn a simple webinar into a high converting marketing instrument that can take your business and your income to the next level.

And, we’re not done. Our users wanted training and resources to help them make their webinars even better. So we created those too, and you don’t even have to be a customer before you can get access to them. As we continue our work, we will just keep getting better. We’re always listening to our clients, and working to wow them while keeping our price point low. Now, we want to wow you too. You’ve got nothing to lose. So start your free trial here, today!

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