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Have you decided to start doing webinars for your business? That’s an excellent decision! After all, there are few marketing tactics quite as successful if your goal is to increase your client base, grow your authority online, and earn more money.

The first thing you will realize when shopping for webinar’s software is that there are many choices out there. How can you pick the right video conferencing software?

Perhaps in your research, you’ll come across WebinarJam and wonder if it’s right for you. Then again, after looking at their pricing and features, you’ll likely also start looking into WebinarJam alternatives.

That’s where we come in! In this post: 

  • We’re sharing why StealthSeminar is the best webinar software compared to WebinarJam
  • Why we’re the better of the two webinar platforms
  • Most Common Webinar Alternatives To Webinarjam Platform

StealthSeminar: Go Live or Just Look Like It for One Cost
Does WebinarJam Allow Live Webinar Automation Like StealthSeminar?
WebinarJam vs. StealthSeminar Pricing Comparison
StealthSeminar Pricing Plan Inclusions
WebinarJam Pricing Plan
Most Common Webinar Alternatives To Webinarjam Platform
StealthSeminar Webinar Features for Less Money
StealthSeminar Webinar Software Main Go
StealthSeminar is the Best Webinar Platform Compared to Other Webinar Jam Alternatives
Frequently Asked Questions
StealthSeminar Is the Best Webinar Platform For You!

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Main Features
Initial Cost
Free Trial
Monthly Cost
Free 30 days trial
No credit required
Automated Webinar Functionality
Run unlimited automated webinars
Live Webinar Functionality
We integrate with YouTube Live
Hybrid Automated Webinar System
StealthSeminar invented the Hybrid. The Hybrid is a combination of an automated and live webinar. No other system offers that. Others claim to do so but in reality you need to start the webinar and play a video. Hardly a way to leverage time with more manual effort.
Automated with Live Chat Webinars
Your webinar runs automated and you or staff run a live chat, You can also preload chat messages for your live chat
Screen Share Support
Got stuck? Schedule a screen share with support
To Save You Money
Price Includes Streaming Fees
No surprising costs at the end of the month.
Price Includes Fees to Set Up Webinar
It's easy, fast and free to to have us set up your events.
SMS Reminders included
Maximize your attendee rates.
Professionally Encodes your Files
Want your attendees to convert? Then give them the best file for the purpose.
Creates Multiple File Types
Because not all systems and internet speeds are the same.
Smart Bandwidth Detection
Without this you are guessing at what webinar file they should get
All in One File Hosting
You can host webinar files as well as all related files such as images, workbooks, etc.
To Maximize Conversions
Built-in FB Reminders
Send custom FB reminders without any third party tools
Public Webinar
This allows you run automated, live or replay webinars without pre-registering, registering, email, name, etc. nothing whatsoever
Stealth Personalized Pics
Imagine sending emails to your registrants that are dynamically personalized with images with their names, etc
Prime Insertion Point
Drop in late attendees at highest conversion point in presentation
Just in Time Scheduling
Another StealthSeminar discovery that delivers up to 80% attendee rates.
Minutes Until Webinar
Run your webinar X minutes after landing on the page
Distraction Free Webinar URL
Webinar pages exist on distraction free site so your clients are not trying to be sold a webinar service and can instead focus on your message. We broadcast on There is nothing for them to sign up for or to purchase at that site. Sure it costs us sales but it maximizes yours.
Distraction Free Attendee Help
Webinar Attendees help materials exist on distraction free site so your clients are not trying to be sold a webinar service and can instead focus on your message. We broadcast on There is nothing for them to sign up for or to purchase at that site. Sure it costs us sales but it maximizes yours.
Unlimited File Sharing during Live Webinar
Interaction (real or faux) improves conversations
Unlimited Timing / Scarcity Tools
Interaction (real or faux) improves conversations
Smart Redirect
Send your webinar attendees anywhere you desire based on rules you set for attendance vs missed webinar. Only system that works for all devices
Smart Attendee Tools
Major benefits including if you are offering a webinar multiple times a day, it does not reveal that it is not a live webinar. Your attendee cannot register for the same one multiple times each day.
Polls Live
Interact live with your attendees and see the results
Polls Automated
Interact with your attendees with preconvieved outcomes and see the results
User Ban
you can ban users from live chat and eliminate trouble attendees from your live chat.
Automated Chat
You control what is said, who says it and at what time it happens in the webinar. No live chat comments are seen by anyone so there is no undermining your presentation such as "this sucks," etc.
High Converting Registration Pages
20+ Beautiful pages. Continually added fresh pages make conversions soar.
Automated Registration Page Close Down
This Optional features gives that life like appearance.
Present Webinar on Your Site URL
Use your site or our faux meeting site.
Call to Action button maker
Use our own button maker to create your beautiful calls to actions
Call to Action Below Webinar Window
Control how your event looks and where your call to action appears.
To Customize Your Events
Marketing Webhook
Easily integrate with all autoresponders, CRM, Tech tools, etc
Clean & Minimalistic Webinar Pages
Embed widgets for timer and date time
Show just the timer or date time or both together on your own site. No coding required.
Custom CSS
Worldwide Language Support
Lets you edit/update every text that attendees see
To Measure and Increase
Webinar Dollar Stats
See how many dollars you generated.
Webinar Attendee Active Response Stat™
Shows stats of ONLY who is engaged with your webinar. If on another tab or software, it shows they are not attending your webinar. You receive only accurate stats, no false data.
Automated vs Replays Stats
See detailed, separated stats for automated vs replay
Tracking Friendly URLs
Our urls are tracking friendly, we use https for all our pages, you can add your own tracking to any of the pages you want
UTM Parameter Tracking
Automatically track UTM parameters and pass them to your autoresponder

StealthSeminar: Go Live or Just Look Like It for One Cost

We’re in the business of automation here at StealthSeminar. That’s why not only do we make it easy for you to go live for a webinar, but we also make it just as easy to make it look as though you’re live, even if you’re doing something else.

For example, let’s say you are on a much-needed vacation in Maui but want to host a “live webinar” for your clients and potential customers to pay for it. 

With StealthSeminar, you can run a webinar as if you’re sitting in front of your computer while taking a dip in the pool or walking on the beach. Your attendees expect the exclusive webinar features, including your chat room, polls, and even buy-it-now buttons. 

You can even set up a live chat that an assistant can monitor with our unique hybrid technology.

Does WebinarJam Allow Live Webinar Automation Like StealthSeminar?

Want to do something similar with WebinarJam? Sorry to tell you, but you’ll need WebinarJam alternative software providers for that. And they only work with EverWebinar for a minimum of an additional $500 annually. Ouch! On top of that, you can only try WebinarJam for a 14-day free trial with a credit card. 

Unlike with StealthSeminar, you can’t automate a live webinar with WebinarJam.

WebinarJam vs. StealthSeminar Pricing Comparison

With StealthSeminar, you’ll get a full 30 days to try all our engagement features, and we don’t even make you fork over your precious credit card digits to gain access. 

Then, if you like what we have to offer, we’ll let you work with us on a month-to-month billing plan instead of forcing you into an annual plan like Webinarjam and so many other Webinarjam alternative platforms out there.

StealthSeminar Pricing Plan Inclusions

  • Present an unlimited number of webinars a month
  • Custom Email Reminders
  • Webinar Registration Templates
  • Webinar Thank You for Registering Template
  • Webinar Event Template
  • Webinar Replay Template
  • Webinar Encoding
  • Webinar Streaming
  • Attendee Auto-Detection
  • White-Glove Ticket Support
  • No-Risk Double Guarantee

WebinarJam Pricing Plan

Basic Plan ($499 Per Year)
  • 500 Attendees
  • Unlimited webinars
  • Includes two hosts
  • 2 hours max duration
Professional Plan ( $699 Per Year)
  • 2000 Attendees
  • Unlimited webinars
  • Includes four hosts
  • 3 hours max duration
  • Always-On live room
  • The Panic Button
Enterprise Plan ($999 Per Year)
  • Unlimited webinars
  • Includes six hosts
  • 4 hours max time limit
  • Always-On live room
  • The Panic Button
  • The Control Center

Most Common Webinar Alternatives To Webinarjam Platform


Webinar Software’s Features
  • Quick and easy virtual event management
  • Data on attendees and performance
  • Videos, polls, GoToStage sharing, and more to boost engagement
  • Automatic email invitations, confirmations, and reminders


Webinar Software’s Features
  • Unlimited HD webinars
  • Screen sharing
  • Browser based webinars
  • Upload and Play Pre-recorded video


Webinar Software’s Features
  • Customization Option Design
  • Flexible Registration
  • Conversion Rate Tools
  • Automated Captioning
  • Actionable Analytics and Reporting
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Stream Anytime, Anywhere

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Zoom Video Webinar

Webinar Software’s Features
  • Connect in a more personal way
  • Present with confidence
  • Scale to massively large audiences
  • Promote your brand
  • Interact and engage with your audience
  • Build your business
  • Track and measure success


Webinar Software’s Features
  • Webinar landing pages designed for conversion
  • Promotion, monetization & measurement built-in
  • Integrate with CRM marketing tools automation, & everything else
  • Go live from your own online Conference Webinar Room
  • Make it interactive with interactive features
  • On-demand video technology & presentations
  • Build your audience on your channel


Webinar Software’s Features
  • Unlimited Registrants & Replay Attendees
  • Auto Recording & Archiving video quality
  • Automated Registration Page & Thank You pages
  • Support Social sharing to promote your upcoming webinar 
  • Support various marketing platform
  • No lag, no delay webinar presentation

Adobe Connect

Webinar Software’s Features
  • Recordings in HTML browser
  • Prepare mode ‘live’ ticker
  • Better whiteboarding
  • Simplified Pod menus
  • Better video quality & GIF
  • Drag and drop content into the Share Pod & File Share Pod
  • Full-screen option for better readability

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Zoho Meeting

Webinar Software’s Features
  • Support phone audio.
  • Start meetings from anywhere, and join meetings and webinars directly from your mobile app—a visually pleasing platform design.
  • Build trust and connect better by collaborating face-to-face through video and audio conferencing. 
  • Revisit any topic discussed during a meeting or webinar through recordings
  • Schedule team meetings and add members as presenters
  • Automatically add events to your email calendar as you receive meeting invitations and webinar registration notifications in your inbox
  • Lock confidential sessions to keep them secure from unexpected attendees.
  • Embed meeting links on your organization’s website to let team members join ongoing meetings by simply entering their email addresses.

RingCentral Meetings

Webinar Software’s Features
  • Host up to 10,000 attendees with up to 500 presenters in live webinar sessions.
  • Schedule a one-time or recurring event easily from the web.
  • Initiate recordings with just a click and easily share your webinars for further training, follow-ups, and briefings.
  • Conduct polls to survey opinions and hold interactive questions and answers with your attendees.
  • Streamline lead-gen and nurturing workflow by integrating with the marketing automation system.
  • Hold training for employees, partners, customers, and virtual trade shows, and global seminars.

Cisco Webex Events

Webinar Software’s Features
  • Host a webinar for up to 3000 participants for large meetings and corporate events.
  • Provide the features to host large-scale events or webinars to target audiences anywhere effectively.
  • Deliver a polished, interactive online webinar with video conferencing, screen-sharing, Q&A, polling, and chat with Webex Events.
  • Brand your webinar and event invitations or registration site
  • Record your webinar with one click


Webinar Software’s Features
  • Use the PayPal Integration to sell access to your webinars and easily monetize your expertise.
  • Support Automated webinars – Record your webinar once and perfectly and let the automation do the rest. 
  • Scale up your webinar activities and let your colleagues, team members, and teachers run events simultaneously. Create subaccounts with independent storage space and recording time.
  • View all your past and upcoming webinars on a handy timeline, with quick access to statistics and essential info
  • Allow co-workers to log in to ClickMeeting with multiuser accounts. Avoid confusion over credentials and save money on the cost of multiple accounts.
  • Add your logo and brand colors to your webinar room and waiting room for a total brand experience.
  • A properly targeted audience is the key to webinar success. Use the webinar address book to manage your contacts and keep them organized.
  • Make it easy for invitees to see the value of your webinar and confirm their attendance.
  • To keep your audience engaged before the webinar starts, enable a waiting room with a plan. Let attendees know what the webinar will cover and who the presenter is.

BlueJeans Virtual Events

Webinar Software’s Features
  • Engage customers and prospects with a modern, virtual webinar experience that brings together HD video with Q&A, polling, and rich moderator controls. 
  • Integrate the industry’s highest-fidelity audio and video performance with incredible productivity features and a comprehensive security toolkit.
  • Automatic, real-time closed captioning, keyboard controls, and screen readers to support users with disabilities
  • Display up to 25 meeting attendees on the screen
  • Divide meetings into smaller groups for interactive discussions
  • Keep your conversations secure with Restricted Meetings and by having all content in transit encrypted

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Demio Webinar

Webinar Software’s Features
  • Frictionless joining without any bulky software downloads. 
  • A visually pleasing platform design with an intuitive user experience for you and your attendees.
  • Apply your branding and logo across all of your event materials
  • Deliver HD content in real-time on a truly reliable platform
  • Effectively market and promote your events
  • Customize or add any elements on the recording page, including a call-to-action for your audience.

StealthSeminar Webinar Features for Less Money

When you use StealthSeminar webinar software, you can rest assured that you have everything you need for the best chance at success. Our pricing includes streaming fees, webinar setup, SMS reminders, email reminders, tools to maximize conversion rates, lifetime customer service support, and event customization. 

StealthSeminar software even creates multiple file types and uses smart bandwidth detection because we understand that not all systems and internet speeds are the same in video conferences.  StealthSeminar has an easy user interface and settings.

 We also offer free video training and several eBooks that teach everything you need to know about creating, recording, and filling your High Converting Webinar. Which, by the way, you can also access for free before you ever give us a dime!

StealthSeminar Webinar Software Main Go

If you haven’t guessed it, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your business to turn webinars into the best marketing machine you’ve ever employed. And unlike other webinar platforms (ahem! Looking at you WebinarJam), we won’t nickel and dime you in the process.

StealthSeminar is the Best Webinar Platform Compared to Other Webinar Jam Alternatives

We’ve helped many business owners with email automation and webinar hosting that boost their income with our evergreen webinar experience. We give you all the tools you need to earn more while proving to the world that you’re the expert in your industry. 

Our plans include the ability to present as many webinars as you want every single month, templates for registration forms and post-event correspondence, built-in Facebook reminders, distraction-free URLs, event tracking, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main difference between StealthSeminar and WebinarJam?
    • StealthSeminar is primarily an automated webinar tool, perfect for hosting pre-recorded webinars, while WebinarJam is designed for hosting live webinars. The key distinction lies in the type of webinars they excel at.
  2. Can I use StealthSeminar to host live webinars?
    • StealthSeminar is optimized for automated webinars, making it ideal for pre-recorded content. If you want to host live webinars, you might find WebinarJam to be a better webinar tool for your needs.
  3. Which platform is better for engaging with webinar attendees?
    • WebinarJam offers features tailored for hosting live webinars, providing real-time interaction and engagement with your webinar attendees. If engaging with your audience in real-time is a priority, WebinarJam might be the preferred choice.
  4. Is StealthSeminar solely for automated webinars, or can I host live webinars as well?
    • StealthSeminar primarily focuses on automated webinars, but it does offer some live webinar capabilities. However, if hosting live webinars is a significant part of your strategy, WebinarJam may be a more suitable webinar tool.
  5. Which platform is better for scheduling and managing pre-recorded webinars?
    • If your main goal is scheduling and managing pre-recorded webinars, StealthSeminar is the ideal automated webinar tool for streamlining this process. It specializes in helping you automate your webinar content delivery.

StealthSeminar Is the Best Webinar Platform For You!

Still not convinced? How about this? We even offer a no-risk double guarantee. Not only do you have a 30-day free trial to try our software with no questions asked, but we also offer a 60-day refund policy that entitles you to a full refund if something doesn’t work like it was supposed to. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give us a try today!

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