4 Automated Webinars Every Business Must Run

While the main goal of most webinars is sales, automated webinars can play a vital role in everything: lead generation, sales, customer retention, and partnership building. In this post, I’m going to show you the five automated webinars you need for your business to both increase and maintain your business’s revenue.

1. The Product / Service Sales Webinar

While there is not a library of statistics or research on the subject, marketers who do webinars know that webinars generate sales better than standalone autoresponder campaigns, social media ads, Google Ads, or anything else for that matter. If they didn’t, then marketers wouldn’t be doing webinars. Period.

The reason why? People are going to make time for a webinar. No one is going to book time on their calendar to watch a sales page video or read a sales letter. But if someone registers for a webinar at 1pm EST, they are going to add it to their calendar of choice to block out that 60 to 90 minute time slot.

That’s why webinars sell.

If you were to only do one webinar for your business, it should be a product or service sales webinar. This is a webinar where the end goal is to sell your business’s main product or service.

As with all webinars, it will start out with educational content. People don’t sign up for webinars to hear a sales pitch – they sign up to get value. If you can give people value in the first 45 minutes, they will be more likely to purchase the product or service you offer to them after.

With live webinars, you only get the chance to sell attendees your product during the webinar itself, during the encore, and during the replay. For those that offer a limited time replay, the sales will end after the live webinar and replay time limit has passed. From then, no more webinar sales will be made until the next live event.

This is why you need an automated product / service sales webinar. With an automated sales webinar, you can make sales as often as you choose to schedule your webinar. You could easily be making sales on an monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.

Here’s a super simple funnel you can use for your automated sales webinar.

  • After someone visits your website (if you only sell one product or service) or after someone visits a specific product or service page (if you sell more than one product or service), you can remarket to them using advertising via Google Display, Facebook, or Twitter Advertising.
  • Your remarketing ad will invite them to a free webinar on a topic related to your product or service.
  • Your website visitor can choose a webinar starting within 24 hours or any timeframe you choose.
  • After your website visitor consumes your valuable educational content, they will be presented with a special offer for your product or service that is only available during the webinar.

Think of it like remarketing on steroids. Instead of just re-promoting the product or service your website visitor passed on the first time, you are promoting something free and valuable. With that free and valuable content, you demonstrate why you or your business is the authority on a subject and why your product or service is the one they should invest in.

And with automated sales webinars, you can effectively run this simple funnel 24/7, 365 days a year.

2. The New Customer Webinar

Do you have a refund period for your product or service, or a product or service that members can cancel at anytime? If so, you want to make sure that you keep your customers as happy as possible to reduce the number of refunds and cancellations.

Adding a new customer webinar to your lineup can increase your customer’s overall satisfaction with your products or services. Here are some examples of webinars you could do.

  • For a educational membership course, you can create a “start here” kind of webinar. In addition to explaining how the membership site works and where the customer can go to get their bonuses (such as joining a private Facebook community for the course), it can also explain where new customers should start in the course based on the experience level and goals.
  • For a SAAS product, you can create a tutorial webinar that shows new customers how to set up the product and what to do to get the most value out of it in the first week of use and beyond.
  • For a service, you can create a new customer webinar on how to get the most value out of the service. For example, if they signed up for 10 coaching calls, your webinar can talk about how customers should write down questions ahead of the call, when to implement recommendations, how to measure results, etc.

If you have been offering your product or service for a while, create your new customer webinar content by thinking about the questions commonly asked by new customers. If you are offering a new product or service, create your new customer webinar content by predicting the questions new customers might ask. If you get additional questions, add those to the next version of your webinar.

By making this an automated webinar (and one always available by replay), you will be able to give new customers the welcome they deserve, no matter when they make their purchase.

3. The Continuing Education Webinar Series

To give even more value to your customers to further increase customer retention, consider adding a continuing education webinar series to your automated webinar library. These webinars can either be 100% educational or can lead your current customers to other products or services you offer.

The key to making your educational webinar series successful is making sure your customers are fully segmented. For example, if your customer has purchased Product A and Product B from your business, you don’t want them to see a webinar that tries to sell either to them.

Instead, you will want to either sell them another product or service. If you don’t have another product or service, then you will want to give them a 100% educational webinar that reinforces their usage of Product A and/or Product B.

Automating these webinars will help ensure that every new customer feels they are getting heaps of value in addition to the value your original product or service promised.

Plus, by automating the educational webinar series, you don’t put new customers in the position of trying to choose from a library of webinars. They will get invited to them in the sequence that you have defined as most effective for them and your business.

4. The Affiliate / JV Recruitment Webinar

To further boost your business revenue, you can add affiliates and JV (joint venture) partners to your business. A webinar geared towards recruiting affiliates and JV partners will help you get the best salespeople for your products and services in a variety of ways.

For starters, you can use your recruitment webinar to teach affiliates and JV partners about the best selling points of your product or service. Ideally, you will do this in a way that excites attendees about buying for themselves and selling to others.

You can use your recruitment webinar to teach affiliates and JV partners the best way to promote your products and services, adapt swipe copy, and much more.

You can use your recruitment webinar to teach affiliates and JV partners how to sign up for and navigate the affiliate management platform you use so that you don’t have to field tons of questions about it.

You can even use your recruitment webinar to teach affiliates and JV partners the art of using automated webinars in their promotion of your products and services!

By automating your recruitment webinar, you will give affiliates and JV partners the chance to sign up for your program and start promoting your products and services all throughout the year. This means you could ideally be generating revenue 24/7 from direct sales through your sales webinar and from affiliate sales through your continually growing affiliate and JV partner network.

In Conclusion

As you can see, automated webinars can play a vital role in both sales, customer retention, and building profitable partnerships. Think about the webinars that could benefit your business the most right now and start creating and automating them today!

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