Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing Model Questions

The buzz is high… I have gotten 6 questions today in the last 3 hours about Rich Schefren and his Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing Model. I have seen the video Todd did, and I totally agree with his concepts, and his experience matches mine – event-driven marketing is the most valuable marketing we do. In fact, that is why I had StealthSeminar designed – so that could be automated.

Here are a few more thoughts about my experiences, although keep in mind that I do not know what Rich is teaching since it is not even available yet. This is just based on my personal experience.

How I set up a Promotion

Of course, the automated webinar replay is one component of the event-driven marketing campaign. In order to do it successfully, you also want to be sure you have your full campaign planned out.

To drive and follow up on your automated webinars, you can use a number of tech tools that are very common these days such as AWeber,1shoppingcart, etc. all the way up to Infusionsoft to create the campaigns. I use something else. I use Ontraport …. that is my affiliate link so if you buy anything so I can take the boy to Disneyland.:)

Anyhow, my emails and other communications all drive people to the “event” and promote and follow up appropriately before events happen. The cool thing is that once you create an event-driven marketing campaign, it runs on autopilot, forever.

Setting up these event-based marketing campaigns is very simple, but it does take a bit of time. You need to think through each “touchpoint” and maximize your impact in each touch. If you are into automated marketing, there is nothing more powerful than setting up a systematized conveyor belt system to deliver profits.

Do you Need to Be Tech-Savvy?

I’m not a tech-head, but I love automation. I could not tell you how to code a headline. Literally, I could not tell you how to do that. But my expertise is marketing. I love planning out campaigns and with the tools I use, there is no reason to know tech stuff. I like to keep things very simple and fast. I like to be working on something, not learning how something works.

Tips from My Experience

From my experience, here are some quick benefits of such campaigns:

Timing is everything

You want to be there when the person is interested in your offer. Pay keen attention to your communication activities, especially your response rates. It is far better to be selling a hamburger when someone is hungry than right after they have eaten.

Personal connection

Doing automated webinars gives you a personal connection to the attendees of such events. Sure you could run a video at that particular moment, but at that point, they are “viewers” and a whole different mindset is going on. I have covered this in-depth in other areas of StealthSeminar.

Powerfully Conceived Campaigns from Beginning to End

When you plan out a full campaign it gives you much more impact. You plan backward. You start with the transaction, then work backward and fill in the blanks of what it will take to accomplish that. It is really easy. It is also extremely powerful.

Runs on Autopilot

After you finish you have a day-in-day-out cash generator. You never need to do anything again. I like to think of each one of these as “money trees.” That is truly what they are. Set them up once, then they run forever. Each time you plant a new tree you are generating more business today, tomorrow, next week, next year, next decade. It multiplies and grows just like real trees.

So, just to be really clear, we are not affiliated with Rich Schefren. His product is not even out yet and I have no insider knowledge of it. However, it looks like what he is doing and teaching is really valuable and from the automated webinar standpoint, it looks like StealthSeminar is a terrific option for the automated webinar replays. It certainly has been for me. I look forward to seeing more of what he is doing… there is always more to learn!

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