Podcast vs. Webinar: Choosing the Right Medium for Your Message

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When it comes to reaching your audience through content, podcasts and webinars are two of the most popular media forms out there. It’s no wonder people are pitting podcast vs. webinar against each other, but numbers show they’re both ready to stay.

Podcasts are on fire, with around 464.7 million global listeners as of February 2023, and are expected to reach 504.9 million by 2024. Meanwhile, a whopping 58% of marketers use webinars to make their brand visible, and 81% of professionals choose webinars to kickstart their content marketing.

But which one should your business ride the waves with? 

In this article, we will go deep into the difference between podcasts and webinars and which medium is best for your brand.

Feature Webinar Podcast
Definition A virtual meeting or seminar typically recorded live and presented online A pre-recorded audio program that you can download or stream online
Purpose Educational, training, or marketing purposes Entertainment or information-sharing purposes
Audience Targets a specific audience with a shared interest or need Targets a broad audience within a niche
Format Video and presentation slides Audio only, but may also include visual aids
Interaction Real-time via Q&A or chat No real-time interaction, though audience can send questions or feedback afterward
Schedule Scheduled at a specific date and time Can be listened to on demand
Length 30 minutes to 2 hours 15 minutes to 1 hour
Accessibility May have a registration fee and requires exchange of contact information Free and available on different podcast platforms

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Defining Podcasts and Webinars

Before deciding on which platform will be best suited for your business, it’s essential to define each one first.


Webinars are online meetings you can join at the convenience of your home, or wherever you may be. You hop onto a webinar software from your trusty computer, tablet, or even your phone. 

The presenter does their thing, whether it’s sharing slides, screens, or videos, and you get to ask questions, chat, and maybe even take polls. It’s often knowledge-packed, and you can network with folks from all over the world.


On the other hand, podcasts are like radio or TV shows that you can download or stream at your convenience. 

Because it’s available 24/7, you can listen to them while doing other stuff like driving, working out, or tackling household chores. It’s like having your favorite show wherever you go.

Podcast vs. Webinar in a Nutshell

One of the things they have in common is their accessibility. You can dive into both webinars and podcasts from wherever you’ve got an internet connection. You can also access them on any device you fancy.

Both podcasts and webinars cover a wide range of topics — from the serious stuff like politics and business to pure entertainment.

However, webinars are live events you join in real-time, while podcasts are pre-recorded materials you can listen to whenever you please.

Since webinars are live, you can usually chat with the host, join Q&A sessions, and even vote in polls, as long as you have video conferencing technology. Podcasts are a one-way street — they talk, you listen.

So, whether you’re in for some serious learning or just a bit of fun, understanding these differences helps you pick the one that suits your style. 

But to help you determine what’s right for you, let’s dive deeper into a detailed comparison between the two.

Podcast vs. Webinar: Target Audience and Interactivity


In terms of reaching your target audience, webinars are like exclusive club events where people usually have to sign up with a video conferencing platform and sometimes shell out a small fee. This means you get an audience that’s really into the topic because they’ve invested in it. 

Webinars also bring out the big guns on customer engagement. They’ve got polls, Q&A sessions, and chat feature to keep everyone involved. Plus, the presenter can dive into the conversation by answering questions and comments. It’s like a dynamic online presentation with videos, images, slides, and more to keep things lively.


In contrast, podcasts are free and available on demand. You’re casting a wider net here, attracting a bigger crowd. It’s perfect for reaching a diverse audience, but it’s not as precise. 

They are also not as interactive as webinars, but they’re all about captivating your audience with great stories, exciting discussions, and building a real connection. Podcasts might not let you chat live, but they create a loyal fan base through informative and engaging content.

Podcast vs. Webinar: Format and Structure

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Webinars are live shows on the web where a speaker or whole panel shares their wisdom through video, slides, or screen sharing. It’s similar to a virtual classroom where you can chat with the experts and ask questions. 

They’re scheduled for a specific date and time, so you’ll need to RSVP ahead of the show. Some webinars are recorded evergreen webinars, so you can watch them later.

Webinars are often longer than podcasts because they dive deep into a topic. They might throw in some polls and Q&A sessions to keep you engaged.


As for podcasts, you can grab them from various platforms whenever you want. They can be recorded live or ahead of time and often feature one or more hosts having a deep chat about exciting stuff or interviewing interesting folks. 

Podcasts follow a schedule, dropping on specific days, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or whenever they feel like it. You can subscribe, and they’ll message you when a new episode is up.

Podcasts are usually shorter than webinars, so you can consume them in smaller bites. But some podcast pros like Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris go for long chats, so you can pretty much choose if you want a short listen or a lengthy discussion. 

Podcast vs. Webinar: Audience Feedback


Since some webinar formats are similar to having a live chat with your audience, it’s easier to get immediate feedback. You throw out questions, they toss them back, and you all chat in real time. It’s pretty awesome for answering questions and addressing concerns on the spot.


Podcasts are more of a one-way street — you talk, they listen. But if you’ve got some fancy automated software installed, you might be able to offer some Q&A, too. 

Just remember, without that instant feedback, there’s a chance you might receive negative feedback from your audience.

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Podcast vs. Webinar: Goals and Objectives

To know which of the two would get you the most leverage for your business, it’s essential to know the goals you want to achieve.


Webinars are your best options for product launches, especially complicated ones. You can freely explain how a product works, answer any questions, and gain your potential customers’ credibility and trust.

It also comes in handy when training people on a specific topic. Since webinars provide replays, you only have to shoot one take and distribute it to those who can’t attend it live. Even teachers use webinars to enhance their students’ learning experiences.

Many businesses also use webinars to generate leads, allowing them to share valuable information about their business and get their audience’s contact details.


Podcasts focus on providing valuable content and building a loyal following consistently. You can reach more new audiences as you go along since people listen to podcasts while working out, driving, or going on their daily commute.

It’s also a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. When you put your thoughts and wisdom out there on a subject, you’re showing what you know and earning yourself some credibility in the process.

You can even repurpose your podcast into other types of content, like blogs, tweets, and short-form videos.

Which Content Format is Best for Your Business?

Now that we’ve broken down podcast vs. webinar to the nitty-gritty, which is the perfect fit for your brand and marketing goals? It depends on critical factors, including your audience, content, and marketing strategy.

Webinars are your go-to if you want a real-time chat with your audience since you can throw a live Q&A session, share insights, and answer burning questions. This format works for educational content, showing off your latest products, or anything that needs that live interaction.

Now, if you’re all about convenience, podcasts might be more your style. They’re on-demand content you can binge whenever and wherever. They’re also great for building a personal connection with your listeners. This format is perfect for thought leadership talks, interviews, and content that doesn’t need an instant back-and-forth.


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Whether your Team Podcast or Team Webinar, your choice shouldn’t be set in stone. Sometimes, a mix of both can be good. It’s a dynamic duo that can boost your marketing objectives to new heights. That way, you can reach your audience through different channels and cater to all their preferences.

And when it comes to reaching your audience, variety is the spice of marketing. In a world where people are gobbling up digital audio and binge-watching videos like never before, podcasts and webinars are your power-packed allies. Each has unique strengths and quirks, and together, they can make your brand’s voice resonate far and wide. 

Remember, whatever format you choose, the golden rule is to serve top-notch content. Be the expert in the room, offer valuable insights, and make it engaging. With that recipe, you’ll build a solid fan base and hit those marketing targets in no time. 

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