Stealth Profiteers! Exciting news…


I have exciting news for you today… Just imagine the possibilities with this update….

We are now (super) proud to introduce Webinar Tracking & Sequence plug-ins for Infusionsoft, AWeber and Office Auto Pilot. These optional plug-ins allow you to automate your campaigns, track names and emails, and feed them into follow-up lists or sequences depending on whether they joined your event, or how far in they made it.

Here are some examples of what is possible:

  • Remove attendees from your main list if they’ve attended
  • Invite them to another date if they haven’t
  • If they started, but didn’t complete it, perhaps send them a Replay link
  • If they watched the whole thing but didn’t buy, follow up with a special offer
  • And anything else your imagination can dream up!

Plug-ins also allow you to add name and email variables into your CTAs: for example “John – Don’t miss out on this special offer!”.

To find out more info, go here.

  • For all users (no plug-in needed): Event title, date, time variables can now be included in your registration forms on the registration page templates. Most obvious use is to include hidden fields to pass this information into your database as registrants sign up. Click here to read the Knowledge Base article.

Dip into some more Stealth-Wealth with these profitable tools!


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