How to Create Interaction on your Automated Webinar

Create InteractionI know, the most popular type of webinar is a ‘live’ presentation where you give the presentation in real time. It’s the way you’ve always done it because you think you simply have to be there while your webinar is being held.

What if I told you that you could save time and be more productive (or take a vacation) while your webinar goes on merrily without you? It would be pretty cool to think that you don’t even need to be there, talking through your slides and answering question after question or responding to every comment.

It’s true. And it is the power of the Automated Webinar. You can be sitting on the beach while your customers or clients view your webinar. And in many ways, you can deliver a better presentation this way. Sounds crazy? Here’s why it’s not.

First, you have better control over the environment of a pre-recorded webinar. You can set the rhythm of the conversation, and make sure you don’t have any technical difficulties in real time that cause you embarrassment or loss of sales.

Plus, have you ever been really tired on the day of a webinar? Who hasn’t? I’ll be the first to admit, it can be tiring trying to run a business. And sometimes it shows when I’m talking to clients.

When you pre-record your performance you can be sure you’re happy with it. You can re-do any awkward phrases or miscues and move on.

But, there’s something very important you need to know about webinars: interaction is crucial to conversions. So, how do you create interaction when you aren’t even there? Sounds like a magic trick, I know. But it’s not. That’s why I created these five ways you can create interaction with attendees:

5 Ways To Create Interaction On Your Automated Webinar

1) Create a poll

Can be for anything you can imagine. Plus, people like offering their opinions to see where they fall in the group. Make the question fun. I like to give polls throughout the webinar, at least two or three spaced throughout. You can also reinforce your talking points and sales pitches in questions you create.
2) Quick help

This is where you spontaneously appear to give a link of answer a question. Sometimes I like to “pop in” to the screen and offer a bit of quick help for attendees. Now, of course I’m not really there, but you can insert quick help moments that will apply to all attendees. This is a way to also show how you can help solve several problems.
3) Quick links to resources

People always want more resources. If you’re helping people build WordPress sites, pop in with a link to an article you wrote on choosing the right one.
4) Answer questions

If you’ve given this presentation before, you know the common questions people ask. Build in those questions to the webinar, and provide those answers in ‘real time’ so the viewer sees the interaction.
5) Re-phrase comments that you have had before

Take past comments and feedback and turn those into questions that pop up in the webinar.

These are just a few of the tools that you can use to create a more interactive webinar with your attendees. Do you have your own ideas or tips? Feel free to share them with me and the rest of our online marketing revolution!