Stealth Seminar 3.1: New Features to Improve Your Life

We have another great update for you. Here are the list of new goodies:

Chat Room Improvements
-During live broadcasts, any chats entered in the broadcast panel will
appear as blue from the host
-If you attend the webinar broadcast and your email address is the
same as the q&a email, your chats will appear blue as a host.
-Hosts can now delete comments and ban users directly from the chat box.
-Banned users’ messages will not be visible to anyone except the
banned person – they won’t know anything happened.

More advanced live broadcasting options:
-Adobe Flash Media Encoder Support
-Wirecast support

Other Improvements:
-Improved augmented counter can set attendeed as well as capacity. ie,
437/500 will max the room out at 437 people of 500 available seats.
You can also use 437/ which will not show a maximum seat count at all
but show 437 attending.

-Server farm optimized for load balancing and heavy attendance


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