Stealth Seminar Announces World’s First Automated Webinar Pitch Page for All ClickBank Users

The brief version:

Use ClickBank Hoplinks with StealthSeminar. All fully integrated 100% with ClickBank. Simple. Profitable. Secure.

A few things you may find important from the full press release…

From our own webinar stats, our average webinar attendee watches for 84% of our total webinar length. That is over 45 minutes. That is incredible given that the average sales page visitor spends less than 3 minutes looking at a traditional sales page,” said Geoff Ronning, co-founder of Stealth Seminar.

The combination of Stealth Seminar and ClickBank is the most powerful combo we are using in our business. It is directly responsible for over $500,000.00 in business this year,” said current ClickBank Premiere client and Stealth Seminar user Sean Malarkey.

To read full press release click here.

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