StealthSeminar vs. EasyWebinar

Are you looking for a webinar software or a webinar platform as an alternative to EasyWebinar? You are in the right place.

StealthSeminar and EasyWebinar are one of the first automated webinar platforms in the market. But since 2010, a lot has changed between each platform to give users all the features they need to create the best webinars.

Automated webinar systems currently save many business owners around the globe hundreds of hours by delivering content and generating leads automatically for their attendees. To save time, many content creators find it convenient to use automated webinars. But with plenty of options to select from, it can be quite tricky to pick one that works best.

Suppose you have used EasyWebinar before and want to shift to another webinar service that can cater to your needs. In that case, this page will give you an honest and factual comparison of StealthSeminar vs. EasyWebinar.

Here’s the breakdown.

Free Trial Offer and Guarantee

As of the moment, we believe no other automated webinar software can give you a 30-day free trial without taking any information from you upfront (e.g. email, credit card information, phone number) like StealthSeminar. But to be fair with EasyWebinar, they also do offer a free trial but only for 14 days. After that, you get charged.

Are you wondering why we even do this?

We are confident that you’ll love the software the instant you try it and that you’ll gladly sign-up with us after 30 days. And because we only want to give each customer the best service, we also provide a 60-days money-back guarantee that if things don’t work out the way they’re supposed to, you get a 100% full refund.

We understand that users want to test the waters first. That’s only natural as you’ll be entrusting us your hard-earned cash once you sign-up. But we’ve seen what other automated webinar platforms are offering, and we’re optimistic that we can give you better service.

Evergreen Webinars

StealthSeminar believes that for automated webinars to be called “evergreen,” they should also be in the context of evergreen content. We want every customer that uses our webinar software to be able to deliver content that is perpetually relevant to their readers and can withstand the test of time.

Today where the competition for live webinars is tight, we want each customer to be equipped with the tools and features they need. We are aware that you’re busy and don’t always have the opportunity to go “live” in real-time. But that won’t change the fact that you need a reliable tool to continue hosting webinars and appear live before an audience.

The kind of service we offer through our platform is the one that allows your audience to check out your webinars at any time of the day. That even if you’re sleeping or out on vacation, you’ll still look like you’re live when you use our webinar platform. We have all the features that you and your audience can expect from a live event, such as automated chat, polls, file-sharing, countdowns, high-converting registration page, call-to-actions, and many more.

No Added Third Party Companies and Surprise Bills Each Month

Did you know that when you sign up for EasyWebinar it does not include your streaming fees for automated webinars? That shocks most people. Why have an automated webinar service with no webinars…

Did you know it also does not include SMS reminders or any Facebook reminders either?

That is right, you need to go out and find third party companies, sign up for them, then integrate them into your EasyWebinar account and pay those on top of your EasyWebinar fees each month.

Every business will want to save money. That’s why StealthSeminar included all-in-one file hosting, setup fees, streaming fees, and live webinar functionality in our monthly rate. And once you sign-up, you don’t have to think about year-long contracts as you can work with us month-to-month and cancel anytime you want. StealhSeminar doesn’t want you to make a commitment before you can test out our features first.

Works for iPhone Attendees

Unlike EasyWebinar, StealthSeminar works flawlessly with iPhone attendees. That is important because iPhone users are the most valuable phone users online. EasyWebinar shows iPhone attendees they are watching a recorded video and allows them to fast forward to the end (where they cannot rewind to the beginning). Even worse, EasyWebinar does not offer links for your Call to Actions, which means your attendees cannot click to get your offer, even if they wanted to do so.

Customer Service

We recognize that not all of our users are tech-savvy. This is why we put great importance on customer support. We want you to be able to reach us anytime if you need help or ask anything regarding the StealthSeminar platform.

We honestly care for our customers and work hard to respond quickly with direct answers and solutions. We want things to be easy for our users by letting them automate their webinars and reach more clients around the globe.

Continuous Growth

We know that change is constant. We can’t just point to a specific time of year and say that we updated our automated webinar software at this time. As time goes by, and we slowly adapt to what our customers really want, we continuously upgrade our platform to cater to your needs for webinars.

Do you want SMS reminders and streaming fees to be included in the pricing? Do you need smart bandwidth detection and all-in-one file hosting? We have all of that, but of course, we won’t stop there. Other features we’re proud of are:

  • Smart attendee tools
  • Distraction-free webinar URL
  • Tracking tools
  • Training and resources

As we continue to develop our webinar platform over time, we will keep getting better and better. And eventually, build software that has all features you need to turn your live webinar into a high converting marketing instrument. Our team at StealthSeminar always listen to our clients but don’t take our word for it, start your free trial now and witness for yourself.

Feature Comparison


StealthSeminar logo (small)


EasyWebinar logo (small)


Free Trial

30-Day No Credit Card Required


Monthly Cost


$78 – $499

Run Unlimited Automated Webinars



Live Webinar Functionality (Integrate with YouTube Live)



Hybrid Automated Webinar System (Combination of Automated and Live Webinar)



Automated with Live Chat



Screen Share Support



Price Includes Streaming Fees & to Set Up Webinar



SMS Reminders



Create Multiple File Types



Just in Time Scheduling



Statistics (To Measure and Increase)



Customize Events



Share Your Comparison With Us!

Just like us, we know that EasyWebinar is working hard to help customers create perfect webinars. We may have features that they don’t have or it’s the other way around, don’t be afraid to share it with us. Our goal here is to give you a comparison based on facts so that you can pick the right platform that can help take your business and income to the next level.

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