The Complete Guide to Creating Webinars That Convert

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Have you been hosting a lot of live or automated webinars lately? Do you find them helpful in increasing your leads and sales? 

Webinars are a cost-effective marketing strategy that many businesses use today. However, before you achieve their maximum benefits, you should plan carefully and make them successful. You’ll need to do some tactics to convert your webinar attendees to customers. 

In this article, I’ll give you a complete guide to webinars that convert. 


The Ideal Webinar Conversion Rate

Why Do You Need a Successful Webinar?

Tips in Creating a Webinar Campaign that Converts

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The Ideal Webinar Conversion Rate

According to a webinar marketing statistics report, if your sign-ups are less than 200 people, the average webinar attendance rate is about 51% of those who signed up. If you have more registrants than that, the registrant-to-attendee conversion decreases by 18%. These numbers are the ideal percentage you should try to achieve.

Once you have gathered enough attendees, the next goal is to convert them to clients. Of course, the conversion from attendees to clients will depend on the industry, the number of attendees, and the quality of the webinar produced. But the more conversions and customers you get, the more sales for your company.

Aside from that, successful webinar conversion rates also vary on the type of webinar. Usually, live webinars convert better than automated webinars. The reason is that when you are live, you can interact with your audience and maintain audience engagement. However, pre-recorded ones can still convert to sales if you do them well.

Why Do You Need a Successful Webinar?

Given the advanced technology, businesses can easily conduct webinars using some software tools and equipment. But if you make extensive efforts to create quality video and produce a successful webinar, you can experience the following benefits:

Brand Growth

There are competitors in almost all industries. So, you have to keep up and not let your brand get left behind. Conducting a webinar gives you an opportunity to introduce your brand to your target audience. 

It will allow you to discuss your products or services and tell your potential clients what they can gain from trusting you. If you make it successful, more people will recognize your brand and become customers.

Solve the Pain Points

Webinars can be effective in solving your customer pain points. So, if you want your live webinar to be truly successful, let your webinar attendees participate in the discussion. Allow them to ask questions and provide a solution. 

On the other hand, if you’re conducting an automated webinar, include some questions in the pre-recorded video. These questions should be about your customer’s concerns or suggestions that they can leave in the comment.

Paying attention to your customer’s issues and solving them in your webinar will improve your customer service. Thus, you will ensure to maintain your current clients or even generate leads.

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Get Sales the Easy Way

Unlike other effective marketing methods companies use to get sales, webinars are inexpensive and easy to conduct. If you have great skills in communication webinars and promoting your business, you’ll even get a higher conversion rate.

Webinar hosting can boost your sales by proving your brand’s value and gaining people’s trust. You won’t have to do the sales talk the hard way. Besides that, nowadays, more people stay at home and use the internet frequently. So, webinars are becoming more popular and effective.

Tips in Creating a Webinar Campaign that Converts

Webinars might be more convenient and effective than other methods, but you won’t gain more customers unless you do it well. Here are some tips to consider to achieve a high-converting webinar that will increase your sales.

1. Choose an Interesting Topic

If you want to get high-quality leads and more customers using your webinar, you have to make efforts to drive webinar attendance. The topic should be interesting enough for people to be encouraged to participate. You check out the Google trends for trendy topic ideas and use the most searched keywords for your title.

2. Make Your Content Useful

Contents that are not useful enough or just about promoting products alone won’t keep the webinar attendees engaged. So, you need to do your presentation well and make educational content. People usually participate in events if they have something to gain from them. 

So, offer a free seminar or create a learning discussion for your audience members. Remember, you don’t have to sales talk all throughout the presentation. You just have to focus on making your content valuable for people to recognize your brand as trustworthy and promote it in the end.

3. Use an Appropriate Webinar Software

Given the popularity of webinars, there are already various companies that create software for seminars and presentations. However, you can’t just choose anything. When your topic is ready, you need to pick the appropriate software for the type of webinar you will conduct to ensure its effectiveness.

For instance, if you are going live, you need software for live webinars like Live Storm. If you use a pre-recorded video, you should go for the software meant for automated webinars. Besides that, some tools can be used both live and automated.

4. Promote your Upcoming Webinar

Before your scheduled webinar date, you have to get as many attendees as you can. So, increase the webinar registrations by promoting your upcoming event. You can use Facebook ads or promotional emails to get people’s attention. 

Aside from that, you can take advantage of your business’s social media accounts. You can pin posts to make your followers aware of your scheduled webinar. Don’t forget to include a CTA button when promoting. In addition, you can send reminder emails two days before the date so that people will get reminded about it.

5. Do a Follow Up

Marketing webinars can go well if you make an excellent presentation. But if you want to ensure that you will get the sales, do a follow-up after your event through emails. Your message should include a summary of the webinar or a link to the video presentation. Plus, you can offer the participants great deals and discounts to persuade them to get your product or service.

Convert Leads to Clients Now!

Now that you have learned how to increase your conversion rate start implementing these strategies in your webinar early. The more time you have, the better you can prepare to turn your potential customers into clients. 

If you conduct automated webinars, you need to make the editing and content flawless to get more sales. For live webinars, double-check all the equipment to avoid technical issues and present with confidence.

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