Catastrophic Failure

I’m in Las Vegas giving a live training. Yesterday we started getting inquiries from people using another automated webinar service.

The reports were unsettling to say the least.

The customers from the other service claimed their events were erased. There was literally no way to retrieve them and if they wanted to use the service again they would need to set up things again.

And as one person put it…and then hope they don’t make the same mistake again.

Today, we were hit with more inquiries along the same line and confirmation from the service provider of the other webinar service that it was not a isolated incident, it was an error on their part.

Or as they put it a “typical Monday Morning mess up…

That is more like a “Yowza…. Catastrophic F-UP” to me.

Anyhow, so you don’t have to write me personally. That mistake is not possible with StealthSeminar. You will never find anything erased, missing, deleted, overwritten, etc. so you will never have to rebuild anything from scratch or just be left hanging with your events disappearing. Even in a “worst-case-scenario” we have multiple redundant fail-safes, both on-site and off.

Off to a 9:00 AM training start time. Have a great day.


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