Create a Successful Webinar

Before you can create a webinar replay, you have to design your webinar. Your webinar will be as successful as you plan it to be. Think through each aspect of your presentation and embrace the concept that less is often more. Meaning, create a situation where fewer things can go wrong. The better you are at focusing your efforts, the better your chances of looking like a seasoned pro.

You can choose to create a webinar totally off-line (without any actual attendees) or you can choose to deliver a webinar with attendees, then place the webinar in a replay stream such as Stealth Seminar that will replay the webinar as if it is live.

Here are some ways to make your webinars engaging for participants, yet run smoothly.

Keep a Tight Agenda
People are easily distracted and if you bog them down with a lot of dry information during a webinar, they won’t pay attention. Keep the content brisk and follow the KISS rule: Keep It Short Sweetie! Keep talking to a minimum of ten minutes at a time, mix things up with graphics, slides, humor and that will be the best for engaging people.

Distribute Webinar Handouts in Advance
This will allow people to get familiar with the material before the presentation, so they can begin to formulate questions or come up with their own ideas on how to make the materials relevant to them. Others like to take notes or highlight interesting points. Also, this cuts down on having to review information and lets you get right to the interactive portion, which frankly is the more interesting part.

Open Webinar Strong and Close Stronger
The opening and closing of your webinar are the most important elements. Just like any live presentation you must open with a bang and conclude on a high note. You should spend the vast majority of time on these two elements of your webinar. It is tempting to think all parts of the webinar are equal but that simply not true. You need to open with compelling content to hold people’s interest, than carry it through the entire time. Distractions are unlimited on the web so it is important that you grab their attention right away. Then end on a high note so that they feel good about the time they devoted to your presentation.

Speaking of Presentation
Webinars are presentations; a personal presentation from one person to another. People get to know us quite well with our presentations. It appears that we are literally in the room with them. Be aware that this tool is extremely powerful and it can be a plus or a minus. For instance, I know of one person that does dreadful presentations. He is capable of doing great, but because he does not put the effort into the presentation, he turns his prospects off. Do not shortchange yourself on the presentation. Design it to provide the maximum value to your viewer. Real value.

Don’t Forget the Before and After
Webinars offer you a meaningful tool for building a relationship. Your interaction with participants doesn’t have to be limited to the actual presentation. You can send out surveys, provide a space for networking, even solicit questions ahead of time. This will allow you to custom-fit the presentation to the audience. Afterwards, set up forums for discussion that will allow the conversation to continue.

By following these rules you will create compelling webinars that will benefit your viewers and maximize your profits. I wish you much success.

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