Opening and Closing Webinar Scripts for Every Webinar You Give

Opening and Closing Webinar ScriptsDo you want to have as much impact as possible with each webinar you deliver? If so, the following will help you regardless of if the webinar is live or automated. If you are offering a webinar, either live or automated, the interaction the attendee experiences is key. In order to develop rapport with you and create that connection, the attendee has to feel they are interacting with you. The following pieces of script are what I use on every webinar I give. Put them to work and benefit.

Scripts Environment: These can be used on live or automated webinars, with a question box or with a chat box.

Script Options During Your Opening

Choose one of the following or model one of these. Say this script in the first 10 minutes of your webinar.

Script #1: “Interact, submit your questions and I will try to get to all of them on this webinar. During the presentation I will be focused on the presentation, however I will take a peek at them periodically and then answer them during our Q and A segments. If I do not get to all of you, then I will personally email you after the webinar to get an answer to you as we have limited time.”

Script #2: “Assistant Name (whatever your assistant is named) is getting all your questions and (he) she will be organizing them and bringing them into me. I will be focused on the presentation. Submit them now and I will answer then when I turn my attention to your questions, during the Q and A segment. If by chance she misses your question or we don’t have time to answer it, I will personally get you an answer via email after the webinar.” Then during the closing I would reiterate the point you made near the beginning. Here is essentially what I say below.

Script Options During Your Closing

Choose one of the following or model one of these. Say this script in the final 10 minutes of your webinar.

Script #1: “Okay. Great. I think I got to everyone and their questions however sometimes when you are trying to do 10 things at one time, it gets a bit tricky, especially since we had so many people. I’m going to go back through things tonight and if I missed any questions, I will personally email you and answer your question.”

Script #2: “I had a terrific time on this webinar. If I did not get to your question, I will email you tomorrow and get you an answer. We had a lot of great interaction and not a lot of time. However, your answer will be on it’s way…”

One Additional Idea about Interaction on Your Webinar

If you don’t wish to answer questions with post webinar follow up, you can periodically review the questions you are getting that are not answered on your automated webinar. Then simple rerecord the webinar Q and A incorporating the most popular questions that were not answered in the previous webinar. Using the above on your webinars will allow your interaction to flourish and for you to build your value and expertise to your attendees.