Profiting from Automated Hybrid Webinars: How They Can Save Your Time

Most successful business people are busy individuals. They maximize their time and try to be productive each day to maintain a great brand standing. Yet, people are still missing out on the value of an automated webinar and how it can help them save a great amount of time.

Whether you want to bond more with your family, do your hobbies, or work on your other business needs, webinar automation can make your life easier in so many ways. You can keep profiting from evergreen webinars without having to make extensive efforts.

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Want to spend more time on the golf course, with clients, or with your family? Geoff explains how in today’s podcast on automated hybrid webinars.

What are Hybrid Automated Webinars?

Before jumping on the reasons why you should start to create automated webinars, let’s first ensure that we’re are on the same page about what it means.

Unlike live webinars where you host online meetings, Q&A sessions, and more through live videos, automated webinars are pre-recorded presentations that you can keep playing and scheduling whenever you like. It has a similarity to on-demand webinars. However, on-demand webinars can be played whenever the attendees want to join, and the automated ones can only be watched at specific times that you will schedule, helping you create more urgency for your content.

So how about a hybrid automated webinar? A hybridized event is a combination of automated and live webinars that’s run on a platform that benefits both live audiences and those watching online through a digital space that both can interact while attending the same event.

How Can it Save Time?

If you have already tried doing live and automated webinars, you might already know about the advantages of a hybrid automated webinar. But in case you haven’t, its features give you the power to be flexible and save a lot of time.

Most webinars that you create might probably be 99% of the same content. Delivering them can be stressful and a tremendous waste of time. You probably already know exactly what questions people are going to ask, what part of the demonstration you’re doing will they want to see, what experiences they’re going to share, and you just want to be there for that 1% reason. So, why spend a lot of time delivering the content you like if it only requires 1% of your attention? This is where the power of a hybrid webinar comes in.

You can stop creating similar presentations over and over and start doing evergreen content that is always relevant. You only have to work on creating a single content for one particular topic, and you can run it whenever and as many times as you desire. Then, you can focus on other things that matter in your life like creating a good sales funnel for your webinar landing page.

Why Choose StealthSeminar

After having to spend a small amount of time automating your webinars, you can be on your golf course, on a family trip, or on a meeting with your client. StealthSeminar will just keep you updated by giving you a notification when you need to do something manually or provide a closing speech to your attendees.

However, you can ignore that notification and keep enjoying what you do when you choose the best automated webinar platform that offers hybrid services. You only need to create a backup video to bring your webinar attendees to a conclusion whenever there’s an emergency, or you just don’t feel like going live for your closing remarks.

Other webinar platforms might claim that they have this feature. However, Stealthseminar is the only and the best webinar software provider that has it, and that will allow you to leverage the use of automated webinar technology. At Stealthseminar, you no longer need to be there to start the video, stop the video, or jump on live. You’ll be in control of the whole situation without having to be there.

Start Hosting Successful Webinars

Automated webinars come with incredible key features that can significantly impact your day-to-day life as a businessperson. Regardless of the industry you are in, they can help you generate high-quality leads, maintain customer engagement, increase brand recognition without investing plenty of time. Just make sure to choose the best automated webinar software to maximize the benefits of your automated content.

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