Stealth Seminar 3.2 Released (Major changes)

This is a major upgrade that adds some powerful new features.

  • Improved iPad/iPhone/iPod support! Completely “live” streaming for all Stealth pre-recorded events. We’ve improved our iPad support so that now for all events it is the exact same experience for iPad users as traditional computer users. That means full streaming of content (arriving late, leaving and coming back, etc), all CTAs, automation & tracking work, as well as Chat Replay. iPad users will see the webinar playing as “Live”. We are the only automated webinar solution in the world to support the 350,000,000 iOS devices out there.
  • HD Streaming support. Your webinars will simulcast in both standard and HD formats, the user can select the version they want and switch back and forth seamlessly. Even if your content was not filmed at HD resolutions, it will still benefit from the higher bit-rate.
  • You can now upload your webinar videos directly into our website without needing to first upload it to your Amazon S3 bucket.
  • The webinar encoder has been completely revamped to support the new iPad and HD streams so you will need to change how you put content onto our system.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a major change in how you add webinar content to the system. All webinar files must be encoded through the Add Webinar Content page. After that they will appear in the drop down video selector when you are creating/editing an event. All older events will still play their existing files, but anything new added must be added this way. If you would like to add HD streams and iPad support to your existing webinars, you must re-encode your files and add the new content to the webinar.

YOUR CURRENT EVENTS WILL CONTINUE TO RUN JUST FINE! No urgency with changing them, but all future events will be compliant with the new simulcasting.

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