StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar

Are you on the hunt for an automated webinar software? If you plan to switch from EverWebinar to a better webinar platform, this page points out why StealthSeminar might just be what you need.

When it comes to StealthSeminar and EverWebinar, there’s definitely a lot to compare. Both platforms have stellar features that will come in handy for your automated webinars.

We know you’re here to find out which one of the two automated webinar platforms can give you the best bang for your back. Read on — it’s best to show than tell.

Feature Comparison


StealthSeminar icon



Free Trial

30-Days No Credit Card Required

14-Days Trial for $1

Monthly Cost


No Monthly Plan

($499 Annual Plan)

Money-Back Guarantee

60 Days

30 Days

Run Unlimited Automated Webinars



Live Webinar Functionality (Integrate with YouTube Live)



Hybrid Automated Webinar System (Combination of Automated and Live Webinar)



Automated with Live Chat



Screen Share Support



Price Includes Streaming Fees & to Set Up Webinar



SMS Reminders



Create Multiple File Types



Just in Time Scheduling



Statistics (To Measure and Increase)



Customize Events



No Credit Card Required for Free Trials

As we’ve said, it’s better to show than tell. That’s why we want our customers to play with our different features for 30 days, without the need for credit card information. EverWebinar, on the other hand, does offer a discounted trial of 14 days for $1. But that means you have to pay a dollar first before you can check what’s under the hood.

Every business will want to save money. That’s why we included all-in-one file hosting, setup fees, streaming fees, and live webinar functionality in our monthly rate. And once you sign-up, you don’t have to think about year-long contracts as you can work with us month-to-month and cancel anytime you want. StealhSeminar doesn’t want you to make a commitment before you can test out our features first.

Maximize Conversions

StealthSeminar software was built to help you make sales. From built-in Facebook reminders to call-to-action buttons, we want your webinars to be an excellent selling machine.

This is also the reason why we added a distraction-free webinar URL. Your viewers won’t be distracted and keep their attention on your video long enough to convert. Even if you’re not actually “live,” our simplified registration pages can help increase your sign-ups. Tracking tools are also available so that you can see how your sales are doing and where you need to double your efforts.

All-in-One Webinar Software

Unlike EverWebinar, StealthSeminar has plenty of features for customization. We have all the tools you’ll ever need to help your automated live webinar a breeze. Imagine being able to have unlimited access to file-sharing during your presentation and display chats and polls to increase engagement.

Do you want to make use of different webinar types?

Not many people know this, but StealthSeminar is more than just an average automated webinar software. When you begin your set-up, you have the option to choose your webinar type, such as:

  • Automated Webinar
  • Dedicated Replay
  • YouTube Live
  • Hybrid Webinar ( a mix of live and pre-recorded webinar)

If you’re wondering, the YouTube live option does let you actually go “live.” And if you want to use both automation and live at the same time, hybrid webinars are a great choice. Sadly, these features are something that EverWebinar doesn’t have.

Are you a victim of trolls and spammers?

If you ever have an experience where one of the attendees uses the chat to promote their personal business or talk about nonsense, good thing we have a user ban feature. We want to help you keep your viewers attention on your video. That’s why we thought about letting you have control of banning problem attendees.

Do you want to import past webinars?

Unlike EverWebinar, you don’t need to pay extra if you want to import a past webinar to your new webinar platform to make it evergreen. Unfortunately, with EverWebinar, you’re only able to do this with webinars loaded in WebinarJam.

If you use StealthSeminar software, you can upload any standard video files and run it as often as you like with automation. You don’t need to have external software or memberships to other webinar platforms.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Most of our reviews online emphasize how we do a great job of giving support to our customers. StealthSeminar knows how important your business is, which is why we do all that we can to help you produce the best webinars.

Our StealthSeminar team goes above and beyond to assist you through our screen support option. Our screen share support feature allows us to get a better look at where exactly you’re having trouble with it. Doing so helps us both to save time and solve your problems directly.

Which one is best for your business?

Of course, we have no control over which platform you want to use for your business. Whatever floats your boat, try to see first and test the software as much as possible before making a commitment.

StealthSeminar and EverWebinar are both powerful platforms that, whichever you choose, you’d be in a good spot. But we do hope it’s us.

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