The Best Tool to Track and Optimize Your Webinar Traffic

Have you ever wanted to see how your webinar is generating profits after the cost of paid traffic? Have you ever wanted to see what words get you the most clicks? Have you ever wondered if you had fraud clicks on your PPC accounts? With Improvely, it will tell you all of those things and much more.

Improvely is a tool to measure your traffic, determine profitability, protect you from fraudulent clicks and shows you where your traffic and money comes from.

To set up Improvely is simple, in fact there isn’t even a download. You go to their website and start your free trial.  Create your login and then press the New tracking link. Once you do that then you have to put in the landing page URL. If you are promoting a webinar, this will be your webinar registration page. Then just continue to answer their questions. That’s it.

My favorite aspect is being able to see where the money comes in and where it goes out. It tracks paid advertising as well as organic. Improvely is also very easy to use and gives a terrific picture of the financial impact of your traffic.

The tool is best for people who want to see where their traffic is coming from, how their ads are doing. I have been using this tool since 2012 and love it. You can give it a try right here: Improvely.

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