The Pros And Cons Of Hosting An Automated Webinar

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Hosting webinars allows businesses to connect to their target market and introduce their brand. Besides that, it gives business owners opportunities to talk about the value of their products and convert their potential customers into clients.

When publishing your first webinar content, one of the good options you have is using automated webinars. They can be extremely useful in generating automated incomes. But before getting started with creating your best presentation, let’s make sure you find out everything you need to know about an automated webinar first.

Difference Between Automated and Live Webinars

There are two main methods you can use in hosting a webinar. You can choose an automated webinar, a pre-recorded presentation that you can re-publish anytime. Another option you have is to conduct your webinar live and present your product to your audiences in real-time. If you choose to have automated presentations, you might want to know if they are truly appropriate for your business before hosting one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Webinars

Conducting an automated webinar is one of the great marketing strategies out there you can use to promote your business online. Used along with other digital marketing strategies, it can indeed help you boost your sales and establish a good relationship with your clients. However, you have to ensure that you are aware of its pros and cons to maximize its benefits.

Pros of Pre-Recorded Webinar

Many companies find using pre-recorded webinars to be significantly advantageous for their business. If you choose to use an automated webinar for your upcoming presentation, you can have the following pros:

Use the Same Presentation Anytime

One major benefit of using automated webinars is that you get to use the same presentation anytime. Unlike in live webinars, you don’t have to actually present each time you need to conduct an online presentation. You just have to upload your webinar recording whenever you want to, and your audience will be able to watch them.

Avoid Stage Fright

One of the cons of live webinars is that the audience members can see if you are nervous or hear the slightest mistakes with your words. On the other hand, if you pre-record your presentation, you get to avoid stage fright and easily redo the clips when you make mistakes. This way, you’ll look more confident in the presentation, and you can present without being anxious. If you believe you are confident enough, live webinars can work for you, but if you get nervous when presenting to a large audience, automated ones might be more suitable.

Prevent Technical Issues

There can be much possible interference when you are hosting your webinar live, including technical issues. Problems with an internet connection, for instance, can affect the quality of your live webinar. But if you have already created your video presentation, you get to avoid having that problem and focus on other essential things instead.

Get Automated Leads and Sales

Of course, when you have a pre-recorded webinar that you can re-publish anytime, that also means your presentation can keep getting you leads. So, you won’t have to keep recording a live video to keep getting sales.

Make Your Presentation Accessible to Anyone

It might be better to use an automated webinar rather than presenting live if you have an international audience. The reason is that in a live webinar, your scheduled time might not be convenient, given that your target audiences have different time zones. On the other hand, if you use a pre-recorded webinar, your target audiences can access your presentation at any time that’s convenient for them.

Cons of Pre-Recorded Webinar

While an automated webinar can be better than a live version in some aspects, pre-recorded webinars also have a few cons you should not ignore if you are planning to conduct your presentation soon.

Less Anticipation

One disadvantage of hosting an automated webinar is the less anticipation compared to a live one. Because a pre-recorded presentation can be accessed anytime, your audience will think there’s no urgency in your event. They don’t have to hurry and get too excited as they can watch your webinar whenever they want.

Takes a Lot of Effort

Since you won’t get the chance to add new ideas and talk to your audience to convince them, you have to make your webinar as flawless as possible. It can be hard to keep your viewers engaged because you can’t interact with them in real time. So, you should make a lot of effort to ensure that your content is engaging enough. Otherwise, your viewers might lose interest and stop watching your presentation, preventing you from getting more leads and sales you want.

Not Applicable for Time-Sensitive Events

If you are following a trend or the content you want to publish is time-sensitive, pre-recorded ones might not be appropriate. The trend can change anytime, and using an automated webinar for trendy content might make your presentation quickly outdated. To get the most out of your automated webinars, you should opt for evergreen content that will remain relevant for a longer period of time.

Hosting a Successful Automated Webinar

Even though your business or the content you will publish is suitable to be presented using an automated webinar, you still can’t guarantee a perfect webinar presentation without an excellent strategy. So, before posting one, you have to ensure that you have already picked the right webinar software.

Besides that, you have to be creative with your content ideas and include all the crucial information about your business. Remember, you won’t get the chance to give the other details your audience needs once you have already published the webinar. Thus, ensure you answer all the questions they can possibly ask.

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