To Automate Webinar Replays or Not to Automate

Even in this age of technology at the speed of light, we sometimes feel the only way to do things right is to do them by hand. While that may be true in some cases, it’s often not practical in the business world.

Webinars are no different. Webinars have turned the notion of seminars on their ear. Up to now, it’s been thought the most effective way to make them work was to do them the “old-fashioned” way, which was to deliver it live or record it and offer it as a download. Unfortunately, this isn’t as effective as people think.

The Challenge with Recorded Webinars…

Often, people download the Webinar, then forget all about it. Or they watch part of it and because they know it’s recorded they get bored and tune out. Then they’re gone forever, and getting them back can be a tough sell. You’ve lost both your potential profit and the chance to increase your brand credibility.

By automating your Webinars, you’re combining the best aspect of selling, which is the face-to-face contact, and the best of technology, which gives you the opportunity to innovate. Face-to-face selling is one of the most powerful tools in a salesperson’s toolkit, as it allows you to build a rapport with your customer. But you’re only one person and can’t be everywhere at once.

Multiply Yourself with Scheduled Stealth Seminars!

Instead of replaying your same old spiel, if you automate your Webinars with stealth seminars, you can multiply yourself for increased profits. Stealth seminar Webinars give a “life-like” feel and your customer still feels as though they’re getting your personal attention, which creates a powerful connection. It’s like the difference between watching your favorite band perform live versus watching them on a DVD. It’s always more thrilling to have a “live” experience.

So now here’s your chance to “seem” live online presenting your workshop or course, while actually, you’re busy tending to other important matters!

The Payoff

Stealth automated webinars give you unbelievable freedom. You can increase your profits by presenting and recording your session once, and setting it to play back whenever you want to (everyday, if that’s what you need it to do). And do so just as if it is live.

You don’t lose one ounce of freshness or energy from the original. You won’t have to worry about cloning yourself anymore. You can program your Webinar to replay for new participants and spend your time on other tasks – finishing up extra assignments or even taking a little time off.

You’ll be delighted with the difference in your sales, attendance and productivity, with little to no extra effort on your part. And isn’t that something every business could all use more of?

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