Welcome to 2.0

June 28, 2010 Update: Stealth Seminar 2.0 has arrived! All accounts have been upgraded.

MANY updates and changes for those of you that are currently using 2.0.

New in Stealth Seminar version 2.0:

  • Streaming video support with Amazon Cloudfront RTMP streaming (mp4 and flv support). If you are already using Amazon S3 you can easily stream videos from your existing bucket. We also maintain existing support for http.
  • When streaming, your videos pass in real time. Attendees can reload the page and it will put them where they need to be.
  • Video will pass with time, but latecomers will still be forced to watch the bulk of your content no matter when they join.
  • New webinar player page. Better formatted, bigger video.
  • New E-Z file selector to access your media from your Amazon S3 bucket
  • Can now include up to 3 Call To Actions, each can be set for a certain duration of time and then disappear, and each can also have a countdown timer displayed.
  • Split Testing – You can now split test with any number of events and with any number of small changes between them.
  • Better stat tracking. Stealth Seminar will now tell you how many people attended , whether they viewed the Call to Actions, and whether they were there at the end of the program.
  • Easy to follow bar charts for stats.
  • Can view stats for any day and any event in history.
  • Upgraded Google Analytics tracking. GA will be told how many people viewed your event, saw the Call to Actions and were there at the end.
  • Time zone support. Your choice of any time zone in the world for each event.
  • New registration page templates that mimic GoToWebinar.
  • 5 Minute pre-show music roll. To make the event seem as real as possible, the event will start up to 5 minutes early and play music while they wait for the program to begin at it’s scheduled time.
  • Stealth Seminar event editor has been simplified and has extensive on-board help.
  • Optional Automated Office Auto Pilot Marketing Plug-in. OAP will be notified when an attendee starts, views CTAs and reach the end of the program so you can trigger events in the campaign.

To find out more or to get the update go here.


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