Your Clients can Esign Your Documents Easily with DocSketch

In today’s digitally-driven era, the need for printing and paperwork is falling by the wayside. More and more online users, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes are relying on the cloud for storing digital files. This also goes for signing documents electronically.

However, signing documents electronically, while also maintaining a level of safety and security requires special tools. At Stealth Seminar, many of our users have their clients sign forms with e-signatures. We personally recommend DocSketch for this. It is incredibly easy to set up and use, with many robust features available — some of which you can use for free!

In this article, I will highlight some key benefits of DocSketch, provide some details on how it works with StealthSeminar, and even some quick steps on how to get started with this great tool. 

How DocSketch Works

Not only is DocSketch easy to use, but it can save hours and even days waiting for signatures. In fact, DocSketch claims to save approximately 40 percent turnaround time on getting signatures. 

With DocSketch, you can:

  • Sign documents
  • Share other documents
  • Receive approvals on proposals, estimates, and other documents
  • Receive multiple signatures in one document
  • Access various contract templates

How to Use DocSketch

Step 1. Set Up Your Account. It’s easy to create a DocSketch account. You have the option to either sign up and log in with Google or use another password.

Sign-up DocSketch

Step 2. Set Up Your Document. As we mentioned briefly above, you can set up your new sales document or legal contract in a snap. You can start a new document from scratch, upload your own document or choose from a variety of templates provided by DocSketch. 

Setup DocSketch

Step 3. Assign Fields to Recipients. After your document is complete, you can now review and assign recipients to certain fields, such as signature and date fields.

Additionally, DocSketch will automatically detect blank lines in your documents, which can help you avoid missing signatures or other blank fields. This reduces the need for going back and forth, ensuring all fields are completed the first time around. 

Insert Fields DocSketch

Step 4. Send Your Document. Once your document is complete, you can send it to one or multiple recipients. You can add names, email addresses, and even a personalized message. DocSketch also makes it clear as to whom will be receiving your document, which can help you avoid embarrassing errors!

Sending with DocSketch

What I Like Most About DocSketch

I have used probably a half a dozen esignature services over the years and while I have no complaints about the others; for me, currently DocSketch is my favorite. DocSketch is easy to use and allows you to easily send important sales documents and operating agreements and contracts in a snap. It also happens to be the simplest to use. And that is key for me. I like simple. DocSketch saves us time — and headaches.

For Stealth Seminar users, if you need esignatures, DocSketch is a great tool. It is easy to create and send documents, and can help speed up the conversion and onboarding processes.

Additionally, the easier you make it for new customers to sign your sales documents, the more likely they are to sign them.

Another reason why I love DocSketch is it is completely affordable. DocSketch offers both a free and paid version. The free version offers a number of features, and the Pro Plan is only $15 per month, per user. A lot of users I introduced to this tool, got away with the free version. 

Who is DocSketch Best For?

Of course, there are a number of e-signature tools out there that offer similar features as DocSketch, however, I have discovered that DocSketch is the easiest and best tool for the price. If you want to reduce paperwork and also automate your sales process, DocSketch is the way to go.

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