Deadline Funnels Boost Sales and Add Urgency To Sales Pages.

Deadline Funnel is an app that allows you to create self-expiring pages in an evergreen manner. This is the perfect tool for business owners, webinar hosts, or presenters who want to boost their conversions by creating a sense of urgency by setting expiring sales or checkout pages for webinar attendees

Of course, StealthSeminar already offers this for webinar pages. Get more details below about how this tool works as well as some tips on how to use it to increase your conversions.

How Deadline Funnel Works

Deadline Funnel gives every prospect or webinar attendee a sense of urgency to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or entering a monthly contest.

For example, let’s say you host a webinar, and during your webinar you share a custom link to a specific landing page, sales page, or check out page. You can set a countdown timer for that page to expire after 48 hours. Again, even though you can set deadlines for pages through Stealth Seminar, this doesn’t apply to your own website checkout or sales pages. However, Deadline Funnel can help automate this process.

Why Deadline Funnels and Similar Strategies Work

Marketers have used urgency and scarcity since time immemorial to boost sales. Deadline funnels, countdown timers, and similar tactics can also be used to increase attendance at your webinars.

But how exactly do these two concepts work, and how can you leverage these?

Urgency operates on the idea that people do not want to miss out on a good deal, compelling them to act fast. On the other hand, scarcity pushes people further along the buying process by triggering the fear of missing out due to dwindling stocks of a product.

There is no doubt that urgency and scarcity work if you want to boost conversions. However, these powerful concepts should never be abused.

If you use scarcity too often, your potential clients can see right through your manipulative tactics and can backfire on you when they realize that there is no real threat of missing out. Worse, your reputation can be tarnished.

To get the most out of both urgency and scarcity, use them sparingly.

How Deadline Funnel Helps Your Business

Deadline Funnel offers a few distinct advantages that can help your business create self-expiring pages for your evergreen webinars.

1. Eliminate Waitlists

Because Deadline Funnel allows you to create and run automated marketing campaigns, you eliminate the problem of potential clients waiting for an open slot for your next webinar. And when your prospective customers need to wait, they can look to your competitors for the solutions they are looking for.

Deadline Funnel allows you to send your subscribers your marketing message through your email sequences while enabling you to engage with them before your next product launch.

2. Personalization

With Deadline Funnel, you can send your prospective customers with email sequences. Each email sequence comes with its own deadline and special offers.

This enables you to engage your subscribers fully and drastically lower the number of people who unsubscribe.

3. Higher Conversion Rates

Deadline Funnel can help you move your leads into paying customers, allowing you not just to increase sales but also focus on other aspects of your business, including content creation.

How to Use Deadline Funnel 

Here are some steps on how to get started with Deadline Funnel:

Step 1: Follow the Quick Start Guide.

Setting up your first evergreen campaign is simple. First, follow the Quick Start guide to update web pages, email sequences, or use the API integration.

Step 2: Create a New Campaign.

Starting a new campaign in Deadline Funnel is easy. Simply create an account and navigate to “campaigns.” You have the option to either copy an existing campaign or create a new one.

Step 3: Add Funnel Steps.

Once you have copied or created a new campaign, the next step is to add steps to your funnel. This is where you would drop in the link to the specific landing page, sales page, or checkout page.

Notable Deadline Funnel Features

Apart from helping you build evergreen funnels, Deadline Funnel offers a few other notable features.

1. Special Offers

With Deadline Funnel, you can add special offers to your emails and landing pages. In turn, this enables you to show customers unique deadlines while remaining engaged with you throughout the sales sequence.

2. Personalized Experience

Add more impact to your customer journey through Deadline Funnel’s Portal editor. With this editor, you can personalize your campaigns and pages, allowing you to show valuable details that enable you to convert prospects into customers.

3. Integration

Deadline Funnel works seamlessly with websites and popular email apps like HubSpot, MailChimp, and Convertkit.

Shopify integration is also now in the beta stage, available for Deadline Funnel’s Pro and higher plans.

4. Branding Customization

Deadline Funnel allows you to match your branding with your campaigns. This means that you can control how your campaign looks and feel for your customers.

5. Tracking

Deadline Funnel enables you to track subscribers and revenue for your campaign. By seeing the numbers in real-time, you can tweak your campaign to improve performance.

6. Blueprints

Don’t know where to start? Deadline Funnel has four basic campaigns that you can mix and match, depending on your needs and goals.

What I like Most About Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel is an excellent tool for digital marketers for various reasons. It’s easy to use and very effective for:

  • Synchronizing your website pages with your webinar deadlines
  • Creating your evergreen funnels
  • Boosting conversions in existing funnels
  • Adding countdown timers to landing pages
  • Adding evergreen text to your email campaigns messages

Deadline Funnel is really quite versatile. For us, it seamlessly integrates with our entire marketing funnel stack. Here are just some marketing tools and apps that Deadline Funnel works with:

If you would like a free 14-day trial of this, then you can sign up for free here: Deadline Funnel.

Who is Deadline Funnel Best For?

In my opinion, Deadline Funnel is useful for all digital marketers and business owners who want to automate their evergreen webinar campaigns and drive conversions. The software is very customizable yet also easy to understand.

This action-inspiring app also allows you to create tripwire offers that are only valid for a short time after new users sign up. These offers can be delivered immediately after sign-up, prompting quick action.

Deadline Funnel also seamlessly integrates with your opt-in email marketing campaigns and allows you to offer time-sensitive special offers to your targeted prospects. You can capture their attention, drive curiosity, and then present offers with a subtle yet effective sense of urgency to act.

It doesn’t take long experimenting with this easy app to see that it can help automate webinar campaigns, boost conversions, and make hosting webinars that much easier.

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