Automated Webinars: Key to More Conversions with Less Effort

An automated webinar, hands down, is one of the best tools a marketer could ever have.

It doesn’t have the issues that come with live presentations, so you’re sure to make the best webinar for your viewers. You get to save money and time, too, as you don’t have to create new content every so often.

With the many benefits of an automated webinar, you’re sure to make more sales if you regularly run your presentations. While this may sound laborious, it’s actually not!

Learn more about automated webinars and why it should be an integral part of your marketing efforts as you read the rest of this article.

What is an Automated Webinar?

Webinars have a notorious reputation for being time-consuming and difficult to scale.

After all, running a webinar often can strain your voice and energy, taking precious time away from other aspects of your business. It also requires a lot of effort behind the scenes, as you need to set up individual sessions every time you intend to run one.

But thanks to automated webinars, you can run online seminars without the level of time, effort, and commitment required in a live webinar.

Simply put, an automated webinar is a pre-recorded event that allows you to play it whenever you like. You simply have to record the webinar ahead of time, add a slide deck or a video, and then upload it on your webinar software.

Once the webinar is uploaded, you can schedule when to stream it and do so multiple times.

Do Webinars Still Work?

But before you get started on your first webinar, perhaps the bigger question is, do they still work? After all, webinars have been around for some time now.

To answer this, it will be helpful to check out the stats.

According to figures compiled by, a single webinar can generate around 500 to 1,000 leads. And these are not just ordinary leads because as much as 73% of B2B marketers see webinars as a way of getting high-quality leads.

That is why 58% of marketers use either an automated or live webinar as a useful promotional tool.

Though only 2% to 5% of webinar attendees purchase something at the end of the event, it does not automatically translate to low conversion. After all, 60% of webinars are geared towards creating loyal customers, meaning a good follow-up sequence can convert leads into eventual clients.

And to those people who keep saying that webinars are dead, here’s the reality for you: 57% of marketers surveyed run up to 50 webinars a year.

At the rate it’s going, it’s safe to say that both automated and real-time webinars are far from dying.

What are the Benefits of Doing Automated Webinars?

If you’re still on the fence regarding the boost that automated webinars can give to your marketing strategy, check out the following advantages of pre-recording and automating your events:

You’ll save a lot of time.

Live webinars are not only time-consuming because you need to present them repeatedly. Some huge reasons why they suck away your time happen behind the scenes.

You have to build a registration page. You have to send reminders, thank you emails, and follow-ups to ensure a high attendee turnout. If you’re getting a speaker, you have to practice and schedule dry-runs with them.

Imagine doing this not just once, but twice, thrice, and four times over every time you run a webinar.

With an automated webinar, you only have to do all these things once — provided that you get it right the first time. You can make constant adjustments anyway as you figure out what’s working and what’s not.

You’re also not running against a ticking clock because you’ll only upload the webinar once it’s entirely done, optimized, and ready for viewing.

The webinar is always available.

Because the webinar is automated, you can always make it available on your website and social pages. Every time a prospect tries to find you, he’ll be able to find these videos and watch it at his convenience.

If you have a particular automated webinar that’s doing well, you can place it front and center on your homepage to help you bring tons of leads and web traffic.

Even if it doesn’t create a sense of urgency, you can rest easy knowing that people can find your webinar anytime they want to see it.

You generate leads while you sleep.

Remember that a webinar is one of the best lead generation tools out there. Statistics show that as much as 40% of webinar attendees turn out to be qualified leads.

With a pre-recorded webinar, you have a registration page that captures your prospects’ information 24/7. You can literally set it and forget it! And you don’t even have to be around to watch things happen.

Doing so allows you to have recurring incoming leads, saving you money and freeing up your marketing team’s time to do other lead generating activities, like trade shows, conferences, or even live webinars!

You can share the webinar anytime.

Automated webinars are more shareable than a live webinar. The latter usually needs context to be understood by others, so those who didn’t participate in the live event may not be able to relate.

As long as you create a webinar full of valuable and relevant evergreen content to your target audience, there’s a high likelihood that they will share your content on their social media platforms.

You can stay consistent with your webinars.

Automated marketing webinars with the same content and flow allow you to offer a consistent experience to your audience.

Doing so also allows you to compare the results of your recurring events better and make changes as necessary.

You can split test your webinar to different audience demographics and compare their conversion rates so that you get to stick with the one that gives you better revenue.

The results you get are accurate because of the consistency of your webinars.

You can perfect your webinar.

Scared that you’ll screw up your webinar? Doing automated webinars will erase this problem and make things easier.

Since the webinar isn’t live, you can take all the time you need to create your webinar for your attendees. You can even do multiple versions and edit the best shots so that you can deploy the best version possible.

That’s not something that you can do in a live webinar.

What is the Best Webinar Service?

Now that you have an idea about the benefits and the ins and outs of running automated webinars, all you need to do is get your hands on any of these top five tools for streaming your marketing webinars recurringly.


Demio is a simple, ‘no download needed’ platform for your attendees.

Designed for business growth, this all-in-one webinar platform features live and automated webinars, video replays, and webinar registration, among many other tools.

Using Demio for recurring business presentations is relatively easy. You have the choice of using your previous videos or uploading another pre-recorded webinar into the platform.

Afterward, you can schedule your video to run at specific dates or recurring schedules — whether daily, weekly, or monthly. It also comes with an on-demand feature, so your audience can watch your webinars at their preferred times.

Creating a sales funnel is effortless, too, with Demio’s registration process. You can create a form and embed it on any channel so that you can reach out to different markets.

Since Demio sends email notifications, your subscribers won’t miss out on your webinar schedules.

Even if you are hosting your automated webinars, you can simulate interactivity with Demio’s various tools.

For one, you can join the live chat conversation and interact with your audience. You can also host polls and provide handouts as needed.

With its call to action feature with preset times, you can build the hype for better conversions and revenue.

Easy Webinar

As its name suggests, EasyWebinar claims to be an easy-to-use software for high-converting webinars. With its automated webinar feature, you can broadcast your production wherever you may be.

With EasyWebinar, you can host real-time videos that you can later convert into an evergreen presentation. You also have the option to schedule multiple sessions, so your audience can take a pick from your many fantastic offers.

EasyWebinar lets you run your recurring presentations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with its nine scheduling options. You can also plan your video according to the attendees’ time zone, so you don’t have to stay up late or wake up in the wee hours of the morning for your webinar.

EasyWebinar also provides an on-demand viewing option where attendees can skip the registration part. This may help improve your conversion rate as they’re ushered to the webinar right away.

EasyWebinar also offers additional features that make marketing effortless. For one, it has a built-in notification that it sends automatically after the webinar. It also has SMS and Skype integration so that you can contact your leads directly and efficiently.


JetWebinar prides itself as an ultra-fast broadcasting platform for webinars, meetings, and conferences. Here, you can host live events, as well as recurring automated webinars.

At JetWebinar, all you have to do is upload your pre-recorded video. Here, you can set your webinar at your preferred dates and times.

After creating a landing page and setting your schedule, the platform will proceed with the various nuances, such as communicating with your subscribers.

More than just scheduling recurring productions, this webinar software enables your attendees to access your video whenever they want. By providing this option, you can enjoy higher attendance and conversion rates for your webinars.

Closing sales is faster with JetWebinar too, many thanks to its various sales tools. After the event, you can send your sales pitches directly to your audience. You can even add downloads and other freebies that registrants can access through the webinar room.

Unlike other programs, JetWebinar comes with affiliate tracking. Here, you can create unique URLs for every referral. That way, you can track the referrers easily for their commissions.

Webinar Jam

Webinar Jam is a webinar platform that can help you engage your audience and increase your sales. This cloud-based technology allows you and up to five other speakers to broadcast to over 5,000 viewers with relative ease simultaneously.

With Webinar Jam, you can record your live webinars and transform them into flawless automated webinars. With the program’s Replica Replay feature, you get to publish an evergreen webinar as if it were done live. That way, your replays get to have a more personalized feel for attendees.

Webinar Jam allows you to schedule your presentations as often as you wish. You can play it out a day after your live webinar or three days after if you want.

Webinar Jam also provides you with an “Always On” room. You can log in to this dedicated area whenever you want so that you can broadcast your courses at your most convenient time.

With its built-in page builder features, you can also make custom landing pages on the spot.

Webinar Ninja

As with most tools, Webinar Ninja deems itself to be the best all-in-one webinar platform. Here, you can host live webinars as well as recurring automated webinars.

After uploading your presentation, you get to choose how often you wish to run your series. It can be on a daily or weekly basis, even several times a day.

You have the freedom to add timed offers, which you can show throughout your webinar. As attendees can stream your presentation on-demand, you get to market your products or services even more.

Webinar Ninja also allows you to create a custom registration form, so you get to collect the data that matters to you the most. After this, you can send notification emails to remind your attendees.

Monitoring your campaigns is also more accessible with Webinar Ninja. With the program’s Statistics feature, you can track offer clicks, retention rates, and attendance rates, among many other factors.

Scheduling your automated webinars at recurring times allows you to market your products and services passively. To do this, you need a reliable tool, such as the ones mentioned above.

Whatever your pick might be, it’s sure to help you enjoy more conversions and better revenue!

5 Tips on Running Automated Webinars

Running your first webinar? Make sure that you follow these best practices when running pre-recorded webinars to maximize your conversions and revenue.

Make evergreen webinars.

Most business owners create automated webinars because they want to run it over and over again. If that’s also the case for you, then you should select a topic that remains relevant for a long time — that is, an evergreen topic.

Just imagine if you create a webinar about the 2021 trends in landing pages. While it may be relevant for the first half of the year, it may no longer hold water by July 2021.

You then have to re-record the event, costing you time that you could have saved if you’ve chosen a more evergreen topic.

Monitor your engagement.

To know if your automated webinars are working, you need data. And you can collect relevant data by monitoring how your viewers are responding to your webinar.

Some of the things you must monitor include:

  • Audience retention or dropout rate (and when they drop out of viewing)
  • Number of RSVPs versus the turnout rate
  • Social media shares
  • Web searches and traffic
  • Attendee feedback

Vet your speakers.

Speaking of engagement, one of the best ways to keep your attendees glued to their seats from start to finish is to get exciting speakers.

You need to feature someone with a strong personality and riveting presence to fully capture your audience’s attention. This person should also be presentable on camera to give your webinar an air of professionalism.

Don’t forget your call to action.

Aside from the information you’re giving your attendees during the webinar, another thing that they need to know is what to do once the event’s over. And you can tell them exactly that by having a strong call to action.

Remember, your automated webinar’s goal is to drive your prospects down your funnel and unique buyers’ journey.

A call to action will let them know the next step to take, whether it be booking a call with you, signing up for your mailing list, or downloading a free e-book.

Make sure that you make your call to action clickable at the end of your pre-recorded webinar!

Invest in production costs.

Since your automated webinar is an integral part of your lead generation and marketing toolbox, you should use top-notch tools in producing it. Your audience won’t appreciate it if your webinar looks like it’s built inside a dingy basement!

Look for high-quality automated webinar software so that you can deploy the best webinars. The quality of your webinars will definitely reflect on the product or service you’re selling.

Webinars certainly deliver tremendous value to your audience and position you as an expert in the field, enabling you to close sales without selling hard.

By injecting a little automation into your webinar, you can take advantage of the many benefits of automated webinars over live events, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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