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It’s hard to believe that the teleseminar is less than 30 years old. People who have been in the internet marketing game that long can probably remember how innovative the teleseminar was for its time, evolving from the phone lines of the past era. The ability to host instant teleseminar login was a game-changer.

These days, we don’t think twice about being able to host a teleseminar, instant teleseminar, or webinar, let alone using automated webinar software to make additional revenue on autopilot. Still, while the technology may be improving, and words like “webinars” and “online training” have become commonplace, one thing remains the same. You need a good plan in place if you hope to deliver a successful teleseminar and webinars replay event.

In this post, we’re breaking down the best practices for a webinar marketing strategy. Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached the end, you’ll be inspired to create teleseminars and webinars, and new potential revenue streams for your business.

A Quick Look Back – Why The Instant Teleseminar Worked

The first teleseminar traces back to the 1990s. At the time,  the instant teleseminar system was considered groundbreaking because salespeople who once had to travel all over the world to reach new audiences were suddenly able to connect to those same people, well, in an instant. Because of the limitations of bandwidth, and computing power at the time, most teleseminars were restricted to audio.

Nonetheless, the technology was cutting edge, and everyone wanted in. People wanted to join such an event because it gave them quick access to learn about something new without having to drive or fly anywhere. All you had to do was to sit in front of your computer. Sure, you might be lucky if you had enough bandwidth to display images, and slideshows, but in those days, some people still had to call in via telephone to hear your brilliance because internet use wasn’t nearly as mainstream as it is today.

Hardly any images, and very little video. Can you imagine? While today there are some webinars that still allow people to call in just to hear online training programs, many homes have top-of-the-line computers and high-speed internet allowing marketers to move from the traditional teleseminar of yesteryear to instant teleseminar login and webinars most of us are familiar with today, with audio and video and everything in between.

Teleseminar vs Webinar: How to Make the Transition

At this point, the teleseminar vs webinar debate is considered moot. Once you have decided to move from hosting teleseminars to webinars, such as a telesummit marketing system, for one, there are certain elements you’ll need in place to get the best results. With that in mind, here are a few things you should consider while preparing for and delivering your webinar:

1. Have an Agenda, and Stick to It

People are easily distracted and if you bog them down with a lot of dry information during a webinar or instant teleseminar, they won’t pay attention. Keep the content of your webinars brisk, deliver it to your best ability and follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simple Silly! You need to be entertaining, and helpful, but you also need to be respectful of your audience’s time. They don’t have all day to tune in to your live events and hear your presentation and sales pitch. Therefore, your best bet is to engage the participants of your webinars is by creating a solid agenda that packs a punch, staying on topic (beware of unnecessary tangents!), and not spending too much time getting to each point.

2. Provide Materials in Advance

This will allow people participating in one of your teleseminar or webinars to get familiar with the material before the presentation, so they can begin to formulate questions or come up with their own ideas on how to make the materials relevant to them. Others like to take notes or highlight interesting points. Also, this cuts down on having to review the information during the live event and lets you get right to the interactive portion, which frankly, is the more interesting part.

For example, some event hosts create a worksheet that allows the participants to follow along with the presentation during one of your webinars and take better notes. Let’s say you’re going to give four points about how to save for retirement. Your worksheet might have the heading “4 Ways to Save for Retirement” and blank lines that allow your audience to write down each of those four ways as you state them.

This does two things – first, it lets your participants know you’ll be sharing four ways to save for retirement, and second, it triggers their brain to listen for the cue of when you say each of the four ways so they can jot it down. Not only does this help them pay better attention during your webinars, but they’ll also be more likely to retain the information after the fact. 

Because they will be able to retain the information from your teleseminar, they will feel like they learned something valuable. You can use that later when prompting them to buy from you.

3. Deliver Valuable Content

It’s not enough to have your audience sign up to attend your webinar. Once you’ve hooked them, you have to keep them around if you have any hope of reeling them in for the sales pitch at the end. What does your webinar need to entice your attendees to keep watching? Think eye-catching images, a chat feature, solid infographics, and easy-to-understand bullet points on slides instead of a plethora of text and valuable information your audience wants to learn.

Your goal for every teleseminar event, whether it’s live, unlimited events, live webcast, or you’re using automated webinar software, is to have your audience saying to themselves, “Wow… if they gave away this content, how great will the paid-for content be?” Your content needs to be so good that your audience might have actually paid to watch it!

Now, you might be thinking – but wait! I can’t give away all this amazing stuff for free! Don’t worry. If you’re doing your job right, you’ll get plenty of sales because you gave away all of these free lessons during your webinars

As QuickSprout says, with any form of content marketing, webinars included, it is not the time to hold anything back. Don’t fear giving away your best knowledge for free. Participants will get to know, like, and trust you by consuming your free content in your event. Then, the potential customers that need you the most will happily pay you for anything else you can give them. Believe it or not, some will buy the very things you gave them for free from your teleseminar!

The idea is that your ideal participants will feel compelled to buy from you because of the fact that your free content helped them so much. While it may feel counterintuitive to give away your best work, “if you stay the course with your content marketing, you can grow your business by as much as 290%.”

A great example of this comes from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. He gave away all his lessons for passing an exam for free on a blog he created. Then, he repurposed the exact same content into a book and sold it. Most of his buyers are the very same people who had been consuming all the content for free. Why? They felt they needed to pay him because of how helpful his content was. 

4. Keep it Timeless

The best way to use your online teachings is to turn them into automatic lead and revenue machines. In other words, any event and instant teleseminar you develop should ultimately be loaded into automated webinar software. This will give you automated events, as well as unlimited recordings, that you can share over and over again, yield more potential leads, and hopefully as a result, more income.

To keep your instant teleseminar timeless, there are a few things you should omit from your presentation including:

  • Dates and times
  • Current events
  • Politicians, actors, sports celebrities, etc… that are popular at the moment
  • Anything that indicates when you initially created the webinar

The goal is to create an evergreen presentation that will be relevant for as long as possible. That is the secret to earning more without working more. Develop a teleseminar presentation that wows your audience. But, don’t stop there.

Next, fine-tune it with several live event presentations of the content until you get it as perfect as possible. Learn the frequently asked questions your audience will regularly present regarding your materials and your offerings. Being able to answer these questions in your final recording will make it feel live because your audience will be thinking of these questions in real-time, and then you will address them giving the illusion you’re right there with them, without them being able to tell the difference.

Finally, you’ll record one more stellar teleseminar presentation that you can load to your automated webinar software to share on repeat. Remember, knowledge is timeless and if you avoid dating your material of automated events, it will be working and generating profits for you for months, years, and decades to come.

5. Follow Up

Avoid the static call. Even when people sign up for a live event, instant teleseminar, or automated webinar, things can come up that cause them to miss it. Send a follow-up email to every person that has registered or in your sign-up list to offer a replay of the teleseminar presentation. Not only will this allow people who missed it a chance to see it, those that did watch it can re-watch it in case they missed anything the first time around.

Don’t stop there. Anyone who doesn’t buy from the presentation should be retargeted for additional emails and outreach. Sometimes it takes a potential customer as many as seven points of contact before they will purchase. So be patient even if you don’t get a sale from everyone who attends your teleseminar. Persistence can spell the difference.

6. Record More Presentations, and Put Yourself out there

Just because you have one amazing webinar, instant teleseminar, or live event doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels. To truly take advantage of technology and make as much money as possible, keep testing and creating new teleseminar or webinar presentations for your ideal customers, including the need for you to display replays. Then, load them all into your favorite automated seminar or webinar software to give yourself many avenues for potential revenue. Your potential is truly limitless

Capitalize on the Webinar Craze While It’s Still Hot

While the instant seminar or teleseminar is a thing of the past, webinars are going strong. They don’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon, but that doesn’t mean professional speakers should wait to start using them as part of your overall business marketing strategy.

Strike now on the webinar craze while it’s still hot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When you’re ready to automate your webinar, we hope you’ll think of Stealth Seminar. Click here to learn more about our automated webinar software.

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This article was originally published June 2010 and was updated December 2019.

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