The Secret to a Successful Webinar Funnel: Automated Webinars

What is the biggest secret to having a more successful webinar funnel? Creating the funnel with an automated webinar. Using automated webinars instead of one-off presentations will help you grow your list of leads faster and more regularly, which in turn will yield more revenue. 

You may be wondering, why is an automated webinar so appealing? For the host, it’s a way to reach new audiences and make money without the need to be glued to their computer. For the attendee, they can view the presentation on their schedule, in their time zone, without having to worry about the host having unexpected challenges come up. 

Automated webinars help alleviate many of the struggles that people have when trying to host their webinars live. Check out our post featuring 14 of those struggles alleviated by automated webinar software

Creating an automated webinar funnel may take a bit of time on the backend, but once you’ve mastered yours, it can result in an income stream for your business that can be as passive or as active as you want it to be. 

How to Set Up an Automated Webinar

Tools you will need to get started:

Optional tools

If you want to get extra fancy, you might also want to consider the following optional tools:

  • Backdrop for filming
  • Video editing software
  • Boom mic with pop-filter

Before you get started, we recommend first going through our automated webinar school. It’s free and full of valuable insights that we have gathered over the year. You can sign up by clicking here. In the training, we’re giving you our webinar slide template, our proven outline for presentations that convert and our secrets to creating powerful webinars like an expert.

After you take the free training, here are the steps to creating your automated webinar:

  1. Brainstorm ideas for your presentation
  2. Using our plug and play webinar template, write up the general outline for what your webinar will be about
  3. Develop your slides with our PowerPoint template
  4. Practice delivering your presentation and getting comfortable on camera
  5. Deliver your presentation while recording (Note: You don’t have to get it perfect the first time.) 
  6. Once you are happy with your final recording, load it into your automated webinar software
  7. Next, it’s time to create your automated webinar funnel! Once you get to this step, we recommend reading our post “How to Plan and Create a Webinar Funnel

Automated Webinars > Live Webinars

Automated webinars make for more successful webinar funnels simply because you have the ability to reach more people on their own terms. Still not convinced? Perhaps this example will drive home why automated is better than live

Let’s look at Dave and Bob, two business owners who have heard just how powerful webinars can be. Both decided to construct a webinar funnel for their business but each one went about it differently.

Dave created a webinar funnel for his masterful presentation on losing weight with yoga. He spent time developing the perfect opt-in and even more time creating his registration page, his thank you page, event page, call to action, and more. Then, he drove traffic to his registration page for his one time only presentation. He even purchased ads on social media to drive traffic. Immediately his Facebook page was flooded with comments like:

  • “Will there be a replay?”
  • “I can’t make that date, will there be other days?”
  • “Oh shoot! I’m booked during that time”
  • “I want to attend, but it’s at 2 a.m. in my part of the world. I’ll be sleeping lol” 

To make matters worse, the day of the presentation Dave was having technical difficulties. First, no one could hear him. Then his screencasting software failed. And as issues occurred, people continued leaving the presentation page. While he made some money, after the presentation ended, he only had a short window to try and make more sales. If he wanted to make more money, he was going to have to start the process all over again, get more sign-ups, and do another live presentation.

Then there’s Bob. Bob created an automated webinar about a similar subject. He too spent lots of time developing his opt-in, pages, and presentation materials. Bob recorded his presentation over and over, perfecting it until it was just right. Once it was perfect, he loaded it to his automated webinar software, and set it up to play every 15 minutes, every day of the week. 

Then, he drove traffic to his registration page in the same ways Dave did. Only for Bob, he had a lot more sign-ups because people were able to watch it when it was convenient for them. And, because Bob’s presentations were running on autopilot, he was able to do A/B tests to see which ads were converting the most, allowing him to make tweaks as he went along to drive even more people to his registration page. 

In the end, Bob continued using that presentation for months and essentially made passive money from it every day. Now, Bob is thinking about creating more presentations and products to have even more automated revenue streams for his business. Bob loves automated webinars and enjoys never needing to go live. Be like Bob.

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Try Developing an Automated Webinar For Yourself

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