Internet Marketing with Live Webinar Replays

If  marketing matters to you, are you up on the best way to engage hundreds in your target audience at one time. The value of having them listen and watch you attentively as you give your best sales pitch or educational program is tremendous. And how you can do this all over again with a new group the next day, the next week, and forever – while you sleep? The answer is live Webinar replays, and as an Internet marketing tool, it’s a strategy whose time has come.

The Challenge

Digital marketers are ever challenged with creating cost-effective content. But with Webinar replays, you create quality presentation content one time and can practically “forget it.” Meaning, the easy-to-use technology allows you to play your presentation or sales pitch for every new prospect as if you’re broadcasting “live,” without you being involved in real-time.

Think about the many ways this can support your Internet marketing goals and grow your customer base. Webinars offer an excellent way to connect with new prospects, and to reconnect with those who’re already familiar with your products or services. Here’s an example …


Let’s say you that you’re an Internet marketing coach. You create a dynamic 45-minute Webinar lecture in which you cover 15 things that beginners are doing wrong. You show them why their approach isn’t working, and then provide them solutions.

A few times, you mention the information product line you’ve created that offers them many other expert insights, and tell them your website to make purchases. You’ll enjoy a nice increase in sales after your Webinar because, finally, someone has proven they’ll share all the know-how they’re lacking. You’ve become their go-to guy. Or gal!

But you needn’t stop there with Webinar marketing. Use some of the following strategies to grow your client base exponentially:

• Use your Webinar as a how-to product with “legs.” Reach new audiences in different ways by transforming your workshop or lecture into a video, ebook, PowerPoint Presentation, and/or audio CD series.

• Create a 1-hour how-to Webinar and break it up as a series of four or five more digestible videos. This can become a comprehensive home study course. People who’re desperate for the kind of information you share often are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to learn from you, an expert!

You also use Webinars to create an advanced version of your information product, or to update an existing one. You can even survey owners of your original product and then craft subsequent Webinars to best meet their needs.

The Power of Automation

No matter what business model you’re using for Internet marketing, there are clever ways to use Webinars – and particularly a Webinar replay system – to keep introducing and growing your online business. You’ll be amazed by the technology, which allows you to constantly seem to be presenting your workshop or seminar “live.”

Your customers, new and old, will be impressed with how much in the forefront you are, while in reality, you’re out on the golf course, making dinner, or busy planning your next money-making Webinar.

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