Reach More Leads with Automated Webinar Software

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to go to sleep at night, only to wake up to dozens of sales leads and maybe even hundreds of dollars in sales. Who wouldn’t want that? The good news is, it doesn’t have to be a dream. This can be your reality if you are using automated webinar software. If this sounds good to you, you’re in luck, because today we’re breaking down the exact process to reach more qualified leads with automated webinar software.

Step 1 – Determine Your Ideal Customer


You may want to just record a webinar and start raking in sales, but sorry friends, that’s not how this works. Anyone who tells you that you can get rich quick with webinars is full of hot air.

Here’s the truth – you can make a lot of money with a killer sales webinar, and you can do it relatively fast, but there’s a few things you need before the cash can roll in. The most important first step is to figure out who you want to serve.

By the way, “everyone” is the wrong answer. If you are trying to serve everyone, you will serve no one. It’s just the way it is in business.

Even a place like McDonald’s, a business that is known worldwide, understands this. They are catering to an ideal customer too. Their ideal audience just happens to be people who want fast food. They know this audience isn’t looking for gourmet, and they aren’t even all that concerned about the best quality. People who go to McDonald’s want quick and cheap food they can grab and eat on the run. That’s why you will never see a McDonald’s ad catering to vegans and health conscious people, or the rich and famous.

Now, with that in mind, let’s try again. Who do you want to serve?

Perhaps it’s the baseball mom who has no time to work out, but is desperately seeking some quick exercises she can do between errands. Maybe it’s the stay at home dad who is trying to build his online business during naptime. Or it could even be a college student who is suffering from a lack of confidence, and needs help believing in themselves.

Think about who your ideal customer is. Really get clear on who he or she is. Think about their pain points. What keeps them up at night? How old are they? The more crystal clear you can get on who this one person is, the easier it will be to create a product just for them, and write a script for your webinar sales funnel that will seem like you are reading their minds.

Step 2 – Decide what to Sell in your Sales Webinar

Again, this shouldn’t be a blanket answer. Consider the pain points you thought about in step 1, and create a product that solves those problems.

For example, let’s say your ideal client is a woman between the ages of 35 and 40 that is trying to lose weight easily without fad diets and hardcore exercise. Now, let’s say your expertise is in nutrition.

You can take that problem and design a program that teaches all the ways this woman could take the weight off without counting calories or going hungry. It could be an eBook or a video course that teaches what foods will help you feel full the longest, and what items can derail a weight loss plan the most. You could even share the best supplements, and protein shakes she can use to help her in the journey.

Remember, you want to hone in on the biggest problem your ideal customer has, and then solve it. It truly is the fastest and easiest way to sell anything.

Step 3 – Start Writing your Copy for your Funnel   

We’re getting closer to your automated webinar software riches, but we’re not quite there yet. Now is the part that sometimes trips entrepreneurs up. Writing the copy for your webinar sales funnel.

To make it easier on you, don’t treat it like you’re writing sales copy. This is actually where having one ideal customer comes in handy. Write to them. Yep, that’s the big secret to writing copy that converts. You aren’t writing to the masses, you are writing to that one person who desperately needs your product or service. Doesn’t that sound so much easier? If so, it’s because it is!

Here’s some more good news – you don’t have to write a full website and hundreds of blog posts to get your webinar sales funnel off the ground either. You just need:

  • A landing page about the webinar
  • A thank you page for registering for the webinar
  • A script to record your sales webinar
  • Automated webinar software to deliver the video
  • A frequently asked questions page about the product or service you’re selling
  • A product or service description page in case someone stumbles upon your website without having seen the webinar
  • A checkout page/shopping cart with a way for your customer to pay
  • A thank you page for the purchase
  • A way to deliver the products or services you’re selling on your webinar and
  • Some advertising copy to promote the webinar

Now, this might seem like a lot of copy, but once you break it down, it’s really not that much. And, a lot of what you’re saying in your sales webinar script can be repurposed for your landing pages, FAQ page, product page, and more. In fact, you can repurpose a lot of the copy from your script for follow up emails, and your advertising copy too.

Need some helpful hints for what to say in your copy? This might help:

  • Keep the focus on the customer and what they need, and why they should attend your webinar (i.e. how you can help them)
  • Explain your expertise, and what makes you the go to person to solve their problem
    • If you have a relevant story that explains why you got into the industry, add that! The more personable and relatable you are, the easier it is to get customers to like you, trust you, and want to buy from you.
  • Tell them exactly how you can solve their problem. You don’t need a hard pitch here. Use persuasive marketing techniques instead. Simply explain to them what your solution is, and how it can get your customer what they want faster and easier than if they tried to go it alone.
  • Offer a discount or special for anyone who purchases during the webinar
  • Thank them for attending, and thank them again for trusting you if they purchase
  • If they don’t purchase, ask them why – this can help you for future webinars, product development, copy and more
  • Give them some other offer if they still haven’t purchased within a certain amount of time after the webinar has ended

Step 4 – Record your Webinar

This is where the fun really starts. Now you get to take all the puzzle pieces you’ve created, and put them together to form your masterpiece. Your script, landing pages, and all the copy is written. So glam yourself up and get ready to go on camera. You don’t have to get too fancy, but you do want to be presentable.

Pro tip: Show your face on camera. At least for part of the presentation.

Yes, you could do the entire webinar with a slideshow, but there’s something to be said about showing your face. Letting the audience see you allows them to actually connect with you. They want to know they are working with a real person. Just seeing your face reminds them a human is behind this presentation and business. That step alone can help a prospect lower their guard, and pay closer attention to you.

Step 5 – Load your Sales Webinar to Automated Webinar Software

Ad-platformsFinally, we’ve gotten to the point where you can reach more leads. There’s a secret formula to all the leads you could possibly want. Are you ready for it? It’s so simple, you might not believe it, but here it is:

Target ads for your webinar -> the ad directs people to a sign up page -> people sign up with an email address (i.e. providing you with a lead) -> they watch the webinar -> they either buy or you use the email address to follow up.

It’s that simple. With targeted ads to promote your webinar, it’s never been easier to bring in a steady stream of leads to your inbox. And, even if they don’t buy, you now have a way to keep in touch with them so they might buy in the future.

The best part? Because these leads came from targeted ads, you know they are more likely to be your ideal clients. The fact that they were willing to register and give you their email address means they’re more qualified than someone who stumbles upon your webinar landing page as well!

Want to increase webinar engagement even on a recorded webinar?

Offer an incentive for attendees showing up and writing in comments. Even though you aren’t there live, if the audience shows up live, perhaps one of the slides in your presentation will have a special offer or freebie that only attendees can get. Or maybe anyone who writes in comments will be entered to win something special.

Step 6 – Make Sales, Rinse and Repeat

Sure, you might need to tweak your first recorded webinar. On the other hand, the first one could be an ace in the hole. The great thing about online business is you can keep making changes until you find the perfect recipe. Then, once you do, you can use automated webinar software to share it over and over to keep generating qualified sales leads for your business.

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