Crafting a Powerful Offer for a Sales Webinar

Webinars and sales. They go hand in hand, don’t they? Yes, but you must go about it the right way if you hope to have any success turning your audience into customers. StealthSeminar wants all of our clients to increase their webinar conversion rates. That’s why we decided to offer webinar secrets that have been proven to help you earn more money. The best part is you can implement these today. Let’s get to it.  

Begin With the End in Mind

In our Automated Webinar School, we explain that your sales webinar should offer maximum value. The basic elements of your presentation should include:

  • One main topic 
  • Three supporting topics
  • A summation of what you taught
  • Questions and answers session
  • Transition into a sales presentation
  • Sales pitch and finally an event wrap up

Before you can write a single word of your webinar outline, or create your first slide, you need to decide on the main offer you want to pitch to your audience at the end. In other words, understand the purpose of the webinar funnel you will ultimately create, and the end-goal you want your audience to achieve. Then, develop a presentation around it. 

For example, let’s say your business is helping entrepreneurs get more bang with their advertising dollars on Facebook. Your main topic could be “The 3 Ways I Have Improved My Facebook ROI by 215% in the Last 90 Days.” Your three supporting topics could be mistakes people make with their Facebook ads that cost them more money, such as:

  1. Hitting the boost button on posts
  2. Targeting the wrong audience
  3. Throwing money at ads with no clear objective

Throughout the presentation, you can share with your audience how to combat these Facebook ad mistakes, and finally turn their Facebook pages into money-making machines. 

Next, comes the summation of the Facebook ad mistakes you covered, and a short reminder on how to avoid them. From there, you’ll share some common questions about your presentation, and answer each one to show off your expertise in developing winning Facebook ad campaigns. 

After the Q&A, it’s time for the sales presentation where you share how your audience can hire you to manage their Facebook ads for them. You’ve shared loads of DIY information that they could implement themselves, but this is your time to shine because here you can explain how hiring a professional will give them better results for less money, time, and effort. 

How To Craft An Offer That Fits Your Webinar Funnel

Consider all the products and services that your business sells. Which offering makes the most sense to develop a presentation around? Keep in mind you can get a little creative with this. And, you can create multiple presentations for your various products. Just remember to stick to one offering per webinar. 

For instance, a nutritionist might offer a presentation on foods that help you get healthy, with a pitch of a customized nutrition plan. Another offer could be a general book of recipes complete with a grocery shopping list.

A money mindset coach could do a presentation on the most common money blocks people have and how to bust through them. Their pitch might be for one-on-one or group coaching to go deeper and overcome even more money blocks. 

The possibilities are endless when you start thinking about the things your ideal customers want to learn, and the deepest pain points they need help with. 

How to Properly Segue From Content to Selling

We’d be negligent if we offered webinar tips for successful webinars without sharing the two biggest mistakes we see. These are:

  • Not delivering enough value in your webinar – focusing on “the what” more than “the how”
  • Making a sales pitch that doesn’t fit with your presentation

Throughout your entire presentation, you should be giving your audience so much knowledge that they will be left wanting more. Don’t hold back. Share some of your best tips and tricks with them on how to solve their problems. 

The goal is to have your attendees impressed enough at what you gave for free, that they can’t wait to hear what they can gain if they pay you. Effectively, the best presentations invoke the law of reciprocity where your audience feels compelled to give something back to you for giving so much to them. 

If you do this and deliver tremendous value, the segue into the sales pitch should be seamless. It will be in line with everything you talked about, and your audience will be naturally warmed up as you circle back to the pain points you covered in your three supporting topics. 

Your segue can be as simple as an “either, or” scenario. For example, “You can either do it yourself and spend countless hours on X. Or, you can buy this brilliant product (or service) that solves X for you faster and easier than you ever thought possible.”  

How to Sell Your Offer

The reality is that the best offers sell themselves. If you have done your job, your webinar presentation should have positioned your offer to be a no-brainer for your audience. Here are some examples of effective calls to action you may want to consider implementing:

  • Schedule a discovery session 
    • This can be a free or low-priced introductory offer that further proves how valuable your company is to your audience
  • Buy our course
    • You could read dozens of books, search hundreds of websites, and watch hours of YouTube videos to find this information. Or you could buy our course where we share the exact framework for X, Y, and Z.
  • Try our service
    • In this webinar presentation, we’ve shared all the ways you can do this yourself. But, it might take a while, and you still might not get the results you want. If you hire us to do it for you instead, we can help you succeed sooner. 
  • Limited time offers
    • Act now and get 10% off
    • Buy during this presentation, and we’ll throw in an extra course
    • Book us before the end of the month and get tickets to our live event 

Take Your Education to the Next Level

We’ve shared a lot, in this post, but we’ve barely scratched the surface of what you need to know about creating an irresistible presentation. In our free Automated Webinar School, we offer webinar templates that will help you quickly develop your webinar presentations. We give you our proven step-by-step instructions for how to write your webinar, how to write your webinar CTA (call-to-action), and dive deeper into our secrets for how to increase conversion rates for webinar hosts. 

Then, after you’ve completed your free training, we give you the tools to put your lessons into practice. We’ll help you properly define an offer for your webinar that is cohesive with your webinar funnel, and ultimately help your business to grow. Take your education to the next level by signing up for our free, no-risk, 30-day trial. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Sign up here today!

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