Swiftly Build a Webinar with Slides and Webinar Outline Template

When you’re finally ready to start creating a webinar presentation, it’s normal to get a little overwhelmed at first. But imagine if, instead of stressing out, you could use a webinar template to get your slides and webinar outline ready to use that much faster. No, this isn’t a pipedream! 

We’ve created everything you need to get your automated webinar online and ready to share easily and in less time than you might imagine. Let’s dive in, shall we?


How to Create a Webinar Presentation
How to Make Webinar Slides Faster and Easier
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How to Create a Webinar Presentation 

Here’s the simplified list of what you need to create your presentation and share it with your ideal webinar attendees:

That’s all you really need to prepare and share your webinar content with the world. 

Once you have everything you need, here’s what you should do:

  1. Come up with your main webinar topic and three subtopics that support your main points. 
  2. Design your webinar decks and outline. 
  3. Record your presentation. 
  4. Load it to your automated webinar software. 
  5. Promote it everywhere to drive traffic and signups of your ideal clients. 

Then, generate leads that turn into your new customers. Make money, rinse and repeat.

Could it really be that easy? Yes! The question many people ask us as they are preparing their presentation is, “How do I make my webinar deck?” Fear not. We’ve got you covered there too.

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How to Make Webinar Slides Faster and Easier

The quickest way to create your slides is to use the webinar slide deck templates we give you for free in our Automated Webinar School. Now, you might be wondering, why would anyone give away a webinar script template and valuable training for free?


The answer to that is simple. We love it when our clients succeed. Who wouldn’t want a long list of clients that have had massive success using their products? 

The truth is we want you to make more money. Because we know that developing automated webinars and creating webinar marketing funnels can earn your company more revenue on autopilot, it just makes sense to give you all the tools you need to get there faster.

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Still not convinced that hosting webinars are right for your business? This might help. Imagine this automated webinar example:

Samantha is running an in-home massage business as a solopreneur. She can only see three to six clients in a day, and that caps her income to between $300 and $600 per day because her rate for a massage is $100.

Frustrated with trading dollars for hours, Samantha remembers that she can also sell her line of oils and wellness products. If more people knew about them and how to use them at home, she could earn more money. 

Samantha quickly gets to work and creates a product bundle of her oils and wellness products and pairs it with an eCourse and an eBook she’s developed teaching people how to massage their partners and parts of their own bodies themselves at home. 

Next, Samantha creates a killer presentation using our webinar template. In her presentation, she shares the pressure points of the body, and how certain oils can ease pain and stress. She then moves into a soft sales pitch for her product bundle and finishes up with a Q&A session addressing all the questions she typically gets about her oils and wellness products, as well as those she anticipates about the eCourse and eBook

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Finally, she loads the presentation to StealthSeminar and starts promoting her webinar to her target audience, her email list, her current clients, and her social media following. Sure enough, these efforts start earning her some money. So, Samantha takes it to the next level and creates an ad campaign with a strong call-to-action to promote her webinar marketing funnel so more people can watch it any time of day.

Before she knows it, Samantha is making money without even needing to be at her computer. Her income is no longer capped, and she can hire help to serve more clients with in-home massages. And to think, it all started with free training in our Automated Webinar School and a webinar template. 

This could be you!

Take Your Income to the Next Level

Regardless of your business, you can create more revenue streams for yourself too. StealthSeminar has seen countless clients level up their businesses through a successful webinar, and we want to help you do it as well. 

Sign up for our free Automated Webinar School and get instant access to our worksheets and webinar templates. Or, if you’re ready to start sharing your presentation with the world, click here to sign up for our free 30-day trial. We can’t wait to see your business explode!

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