Designrr’s eBooks can Boost Webinar Registration and Attendance.

Creating high-quality, relevant, and valuable content is the primary goal of many entrepreneurs’ and marketers’ strategies today. However, producing sufficient content can be time-consuming and expensive, right? Wrong… 

By leveraging the right tools, you can craft compelling content easily. One tool that I have found particularly helpful is Designrr. Designrr is a great tool for creating eBooks. For StealthSeminar users, you can use Designrr to create lead magnets or even eBook downloads for your websites, blogs, or webinar registration pages to help build your email lists.

In this article, I will outline the main benefits of Designrr as well as provide some basic tips on how to get started with this great tool so you can begin growing your email list today.

How Designrr Works

Designrr helps remove the two most challenging phases of creating eBooks: writing and designing. Designrr allows you to pull content from your website, Microsoft Word or a Google Doc and format it into a beautiful eBook.

Step 1. Copy and Paste Your URL. Designrr works with nearly all websites. Simply copy and paste your website’s URL — or any URL, for that matter — into the tool. Then, click “Next”. Designrr will then begin compiling content in the background—right before your eyes. 

Step 2. Choose a Template. Designrr offers over 12 different eBook templates for you to get started with. Simply select a template from the Designrr gallery and customize it to your needs and preferences. You can also change the background colors, font types, and even select images to enhance your content. You can choose images from Designrr’s image gallery or upload your own.

Step 3. Customize. Once you have set up your eBook template and selected your overall look and feel, you can then begin customizing and tweaking your content. Designrr offers over 20 different customizable themes. Simply select your desired theme and customize it as much as you wish.

For example, you can adjust the headers and footers, background color settings, and add calls-to-action (CTAs) where necessary. 

Step 4. Publish. Once your eBook is ready to publish, you can download a PDF in a single click. After you download your eBook PDF, upload it to your blog, website, landing page, or a webinar registration page and watch your email list grow.

What I Like Most About Designrr

It was difficult to pick out my favorite features of Designrr. However, if I had to narrow them down to the top three, I would say they are the following:

1) The user-friendly interface

2) The number of customizable features available

3) How simple Designrr makes eBook and Bonus creation.

Even though Designrr is super easy to sign up and use, there is also a demo video available right on the landing page so you can see how the tool works in about two minutes. 

For StealthSeminar users, you can find everything you need to create eBooks and Bonuses to use as gated content for your website or to offer on your webinar registration, webinar attendee, or webinar thank you pages. 

Who is Designrr Best For? 

I feel that Designrr is a tool that can be used by just about anyone, regardless of whether they are experienced or novice designers or marketers. Designrr is a great tool for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, marketing teams, and small- to medium-sized businesses.

Above all, if you are pressed for time and resources, or want to condense the content production process from several months or weeks to only eight minutes, give Designrr a try today.

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