How Can Online Webinar Software Increase Profits?


It’s every online business owner’s dream, isn’t it? To make a decent living without working countless hours. It’s now possible to reach an unlimited number of customers thanks to the barriers that are eliminated with running an online business. And a great way to reach those potential customers is by hosting webinars.

Let’s take a look at how online webinar software can increase your profits and give you more of your time back in the process.

Online Webinar Software is the Key to More Profits

That’s a pretty bold statement, but it’s true. Here’s the secret recipe that many webpreneurs haven’t quite cracked the code to:


Step 1: Create an amazing and value-packed webinar. Then, load it to online webinar software to replay over and over again for lead generation.

Step 2: Take those leads, qualify them, and attempt to sell your product.

Step 3: Sell your product, make money, make the customer happy.

Step 4: Keep the customer coming back for upsells and cross-sells, and encourage them to send referrals your way.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat steps 1-4.

Now, we’ll be the first to admit that this is an incredibly simplified strategy for making money online. Still, when done right, your business can see more profits with less effort.

Many entrepreneurs are spinning their wheels right now doing all the marketing things that they’ve been told to do. They’re:

  • Loading countless posts to social media because they’re supposed to engage with their audience
  • Going to networking events to meet people and build relationships, many of which are filled with MLMs looking to fill their downline
  • Hosting events of their own so they’re the only salesperson in the room, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and still won’t guarantee sales
  • Doing far too many videos on Instagram and Facebook showing behind the scenes stuff because they were told authenticity is key
  • Handing out business cards to everyone they meet since anyone could be a lead, even though most people aren’t their ideal customer

The list goes on and on. No wonder so many business owners face burnout. A better way is to create one online webinar that works and use it multiple times to keep bringing customers in. Sounds a lot less tiring, doesn’t it? So, how do you do it?

The Exact Way to Increase Profits by Incorporating Webinars

Webinars work perfectly as marketing tools. Even if it’s a prospect’s first time meeting you, they can get to know you quickly, and learn just as fast whether or not you have something to offer that they are looking for.  

What you should include in your webinar will vary slightly by your industry, but at a minimum, it should:

  • Introduce you and your company, give a background of your expertise, and why your audience should listen to you
  • Address a pain point or problem your audience has. This is what you’ll use as the hook to get people to register for the webinar. It has to be something people actually want to know about in order to trigger a registration, so make sure you put some serious thought into what your webinar will cover.
  • Tell them a way to solve their problem, but not to the point they no longer need you. To take a lesson from an old idiom, if you give away all the milk for free, no one is going to buy the cow.
  • Offer a way to work with you further. This is where you’re going to soft sell them. If you’re a product based business, you might offer a discount on the products if they buy via the link in your webinar. If you’re a service-based business, you could offer a discount on that as well, or simply offer a calendar link so they can book an appointment with you.

Once your pre-recorded webinar is done and ready, it’s time to load it to online webinar software and begin promoting it to the masses. Of course, by masses, we mean your ideal audience. But, how do you do that?


Targeted ads.

With targeted advertising on Facebook and Google Ads, you can reach the exact people you want to serve. Click here to learn how to boost your webinar registrations with Facebook Ads.

Sure, there are other ways you can promote your webinar including social media posts, word of mouth, Facebook groups, blogging, etc… But the fastest way we’ve seen to get an audience on a webinar is by using targeted ads.

Okay, so you have recorded the webinar, and have targeted ads at your ideal audience. Now what?

If you’re using good online webinar software like StealthSeminar, this is where things get easy.

All you have to do is load your MP4, FLV, MOV, or other standard video file to the platform. From there, your audience registers for the webinar via a unique link, and then it is delivered to them at a time and date they choose from options you offer them.

With StealthSeminar, your webinar can appear as if it is being hosted live, and you can deliver it as frequently as you desire.

Everything can be set up to run on autopilot so that even if you’re on vacation, you’re generating leads and potential sales.

What if the registrant doesn’t buy anything during the webinar?

email-reminderThe truth is, not every person who comes to your webinar will buy from you, and in fact, not everyone who registers will show up to your webinar. But, with StealthSeminar’s ‘Just in Time Schedule’ you will get between 56% to 85% show up rate. 

According to Smart Insights, only “36% of webinar pre-registrants attend the live webinar,” but you can continue gaining an audience as many as 100 days after the webinar ends.

After the webinar ends, you have a few options. You could:

  • Send a replay to your list of registrants so that if they missed it, they have another opportunity to watch.
  • Send an email to attendees reminding them of the sales offer you made in the webinar. You could even add a countdown to your email using something like MotionMail, Sendtric, or Countdown Mail, stressing the urgency that the sale offer is ending
  • Retarget ads to attendees with another webinar, a different sales offer, or some other pitch
  • Continue following up with newsletters, and soft sales pitches

At some point, you may decide the registrant is never going to be a customer, and you could simply remove them from your email list. How you handle the list of registrants will be up to you.

The point is though, by using a webinar over and over, you’re likely building a healthy email list that you can use to generate more profits. And, with any luck, people are buying from the webinar while they are watching helping you to further increase profits.

As you continue using this webinar to gain new leads, you’ll continue earning more money. Then, the feedback you gain from the webinar could help you create additional webinars that help you with even more lead generation and subsequent revenue.

Are You Ready to Generate More Leads and Profits with Online Webinar Software?

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It’s time for you to simplify your business, and earn the amount of money you deserve. You have the potential to attract and convert more clients without wasting countless hours and energy.

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