5 Benefits of Automated Webinar Sales Funnel and How to Create One

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I see you, my fellow entrepreneur. I see you working hard and going without meal breaks and sleep, trying to get your business off the ground. I know you are doing all you can to get your name out there, make money, and really make a go of your online business. 

Can I tell you a secret that will help you do that? It’s automated webinar software. In fact, here are five benefits of incorporating an automated webinar into your current sales funnel:

  • You can generate more leads
  • You can earn money on autopilot
  • You can scale up
  • You can work on new offers
  • You can finally go on a vacation

This isn’t a pipe dream. It really is possible to have a dream business. Live webinars can be quite a hassle to conduct. It’s not just the time you will spend on the webinar itself. You also need to make an effort on prep work, slides creation, email follow-up sequence, etc.

So what’s the solution? An automated webinar.

Read on to learn more about:

  • What an automated webinar sales funnel is
  • Why you should use an automated webinar today
  • How to create an automated webinar sales funnel

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Table of Contents

What’s an automated webinar sales funnel?
Will people know that it’s automated?
The Benefits of Automated Webinars
How to Create a Sales Funnel Through Automated Webinar
Take Your Time Back

What’s an Automated Webinar Sales Funnel?

If you’re new to this term, allow me to explain. An automated webinar is a webinar that you run on autopilot, without the need for you to go “live.” While a sales funnel is a pathway you’d want a potential customer to take to make a sale. 

When you put both terms together, an automated webinar sales funnel becomes a series of steps you’ll lead a potential customer through. But take note of the main step being an automated webinar.

Will People Know that It’s Automated?

One way or another, your audience will know that it’s automated. It’s best, to be honest at the beginning and not fake a webinar to be “live” when it’s not. A smart way is to pitch that your webinar “on-demand.” 

As long as the content you provide is something of great value, and the topic is always interesting, people will definitely watch it. 

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The Benefits of Automated Webinars

There are plenty of benefits that make automated webinars amazing. Think of it like launching every day to someone personally, without the need to do all the exhausting launch work over and over again.

What’s in it for you? If you still need more convincing, I’ve listed down below the benefits.

1. Lead More People Into Your Sales Funnel

You can generate more leads by using an automated webinar in your sales funnel than you may realize. Believe it or not, businesses are using automated webinars to bring in new leads, and further qualify current leads because a webinar allows a consumer to get to know you and your company better, anytime, anywhere.

It also shows them exactly why they need what you have to offer in a non-sales-y way. If they stay until the end of a webinar, they are much more likely to transition from an audience member to a paying customer.

What draws people into sales webinars is that they are usually free to attend. Someone who has never heard of you before, or even someone that has, can simply register to learn something they want to know. Giving them value without pressure gets them on the hook. Delivering them more value than they were anticipating makes them stick around, and then easing into the sales pitch prevents them from running for the hills. After all, no one likes a hard pitch.

Create one fantastic webinar, and you can use it over and over to generate additional leads as well. No one says you need to keep designing new presentations for new webinars. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”


2. Make Your Funnel Your Personal ATM

There is a lot of hype online about earning money on autopilot. In truth, there are some shady entrepreneurs who hype up the idea and then sell overpriced programs “teaching” how to do it. Save your money because I’m going to tell you to earn money on autopilot right now for free.

Here’s what you really need to have as a company that runs on autopilot:

  • One killer recorded webinar that can be shared automatically when your audience goes through the webinar registration page
  • An offer your ideal customer can’t refuse
  • Email autoresponders
  • A place to answer frequently asked questions
  • A shopping cart that can handle financial transactions
  • A way to deliver purchases without you having to lift a finger

In other words, you need a great product, a way to share the news about it automatically, and systems in place that let customers purchase and receive it with ease. That’s it.

3. Scale and Grow Your Company

If you’re selling digital products, scaling up and growing your company to astronomical proportions is easier than ever before. With the help of automation, someone who started as a nobody in one tiny area of the world can suddenly be catering to people all over the globe.

A coach from a tiny town in Kentucky can design lesson plans, create a webinar online to promote them, sell those lesson plans to other coaches across the United States or even other countries, and deliver them via email – all without ever stepping foot outside of their house. Tell me this is not a fantastic time to be an entrepreneur!

What if you have a service-based business, you ask? I’m so glad you asked. With automated webinar software, you can scale up in any business. Yes, even if you are selling services.

Whether you are selling one-on-one coaching, mechanics, public relations consulting, or any other service, an automated sales webinar can help you make money on autopilot and scale-up. What’s the secret here? Hire more people to manage the services for you.

Consider this – even master mindset coach Tony Robbins doesn’t do all of his own coachings. He sells millions of dollars worth of one-on-one coaching services every year, and only an elite few ever work directly with him.

The same holds true for hairstylists, personal shoppers, virtual assistants, and more. Just because you’re the one selling the service doesn’t mean you’re the one that has to do the servicing. If you get enough leads, you can train people to do the service and pay them to do the work while you take a cut of the profits.

Are you selling physical products that require shipping? With enough leads, you can scale up in that business model as well. There’s no reason you should need your entrepreneur’s fingers in every aspect of your company. At the beginning of your business, you may have needed to do it all, but as you earn more money, hire a team and let them do the heavy lifting.

4. Make New Things and Make More Money


One of the reasons an online business can grow stagnant is outdated or irrelevant offers. At some point, you need to create new things to keep bringing in new customers. For example, you wouldn’t make a webinar to sell a typewriter these days, would you? Probably not.

Sure, there may be a handful of people who would be interested in something like that. However, for the masses, that is now an outdated and irrelevant product.

Let’s take the coach selling lessons as another example. Perhaps the lessons are about a particular topic. Well, there may come a point where they need to create more lessons about newer topics to stay relevant.

The trouble is – creating new offerings takes time and sometimes money. How can an entrepreneur who is spending countless hours in their business, work on new products and services for their business? You guessed it – automated webinar software comes to the rescue again. When you’re not worrying about where your next dollar is going to come from, you have the time and mental bandwidth available to create something new.

Imagine being able to take a week, a month, or even several months to create new products and services. Now imagine also having enough time to develop a new automated webinar to get it out there to your audience. Before you know it, you’ll have an additional revenue stream, which will now give you even more time and money to create even more new products and services.

The possibilities with sales webinars in your funnel truly are endless. Who knows? You might even get to a point where you’re making enough money that you can scale yourself completely out of the business and still reap the rewards while other people run the day-to-day operations. Speaking of…

5. When’s The Last Time You Took a Day Off?

You need a vacation from running your business, not for fun, but for the sake of your health. According to Business Insider, “The opposite of vacation — overwork — can lead to health problems. Researchers studied the work habits of more than 600,000 people in the US, UK, and Australia, and found that people who work more than 55 hours a week are 33% more likely to suffer a stroke and have a 13% greater risk of heart attack than those who work 35-40 hours weekly.”

Considering that 25% of entrepreneurs are likely to work more than 60 hours a week, a vacation is that much more critical for you. CNN reported that holidays aren’t just crucial for you to take time off and recharge. They are actually vital to your “mental health and well-being.” They also noted that “That mental break doesn’t just feel good. It also benefits businesses.” People who don’t take time off from work are “sicker, less productive, stressed, and more anxious and depressed,” which can cause your work to suffer.

The good news is that when you use automated systems and processes, you can take your time back to actually be able to go on a vacation. With the help of automated webinar software, taking time off from work is within your grasp.

Imagine putting sales webinars online, setting up some email autoresponders, preparing your shopping cart, and then leaving town for a couple of weeks. When done right, you can take time off from your business and still make money. It’s not unheard of for an entrepreneur to be poolside in an exotic location while sales pour in, paying for the very vacation they are on and more.

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How to Create a Sales Funnel Through Automated Webinar

It used to be technically challenging to create an automated webinar sales funnel, but not anymore. With all the different tools available now, anybody can do it as long as they put their heart into it. 

It’s definitely not just for tech nerds. Let’s get started! Follow these six steps:

Step 1 – Prepare Your Topic

Before you go through all the steps of creating a webinar, conduct a survey of your audience. Ideally, you should align your webinar topic with what you are selling. This helps increase your webinar conversion rates or what’s known as the number of successful sales per registrant.

Step 2 – Make Your Slides

Your webinar presentation doesn’t need to be fancy, but I recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote for this. What’s important is that you’re able to get your point across.

Try to structure your webinar this way:

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Go through what the participants will learn (5 minutes)
  3. Your success story (10 minutes)
  4. Actual Presentation/Content (30 Minutes)
  5. Sales Pitch (20 Minutes)

Step 3 – Start Recording

You’ll need to record your webinar beforehand to ensure that it’s engaging, clear, and concise. Use a recording tool that lets you capture your slides and voice, as well as edit the bad parts of your webinar.

Tips Before Recording Your Webinar

  1. Pick a good webinar platform that has all the features you need. When choosing, consider asking about these features:
  • How many people can attend?
  • Is it easy to record?
  • Can the moderators or panelists interact with other attendees?
  • Is a live streaming option to YouTube or Facebook available?
  • Is it easy to manage the webinar participants and panelists before, during, and after the event?
  1. Make the necessary preparations and practice a lot. When you’re thoroughly prepared as a host — your topic, webinar content, slides, etc, will reflect it. Spend all the time you need to prepare your script and practice.
  2. Ensure you have good-quality audio. While the usual webinars use visual elements like screen sharing or a slide presentation, the audio is more important. Poor audio quality can hurt your presentation. To get clear audio for your recording, make sure you have a good microphone. 
  3. Take time to understand the control panel. Each platform has a distinct control panel and features available to run the webinar. As a host, you should familiarize yourself with the controls in advance, such as the mute/unmute button, start/stop button, audio controls, and many others. 

Are you done recording your webinar? Export it, preferably, as an mp4 file.

Step 4 – Set up Your Automated Webinar

Since you have your webinar file ready, the next thing to do is set it up to become an automated webinar sales funnel. 

The best-automated webinar automation software that I can recommend is StealthSeminar. I get that there are other useful webinar software out there, just pick one that you think works best for you. 

When it comes to automated webinars, every percentage point is important, especially if a lot of people will be signing up. Below you’ll find some of the features of StealthSeminar:

  • Automation – You can upload any standard video file and set it to run as frequently as you desire with automation. Each webinar will run as many times a day as you desire for as long as you are a client.
  • Live & Hybrid Webinars – Live webinars allow you to literally be live. Hybrid webinars are a mix of live and Hybrid. That is when a portion of the webinar is automated (maybe the core of your webinar that does not change), and then you are able to do a custom open or Q&A, etc.
  • Event Creation – You upload your video, then StealthSeminar will encode it so that it’s playable on the internet for various devices and across all different internet speeds. Then, you can rapidly set up an event.
  • Easy Scheduling – You can set up a webinar schedule as frequently as you want, in whatever manner you desire.
  • Integrations & Plugins – You can integrate any autoresponder or CRM system with StealthSeminar that allows an HTML form on a page or has API. Plugins are optional and provide you with more advanced integrations.

At this point, let’s go through the things you should have:

  • You should have already created a webinar landing page. You can either use one of those provided in-house by StealthSeminar or create a custom one. 
  • You should have already created a “Thank You” page. This is where your potential customer lands on after the webinar registration page. 
  • You should have created reminder emails for your upcoming webinar. Your reminder emails should not be too lengthy, as they’re only meant to remind those who went through the webinar registration page. Or, you can simply use the default emails in StealthSeminar, but make sure that you don’t forget to enable them.
  • You should have linked your email service provider to your webinar setup. Doing so allows you to track the people who have attended, registered, or missed your webinar. Now, you have more idea who to send follow-up emails to after your webinar.
  • You should have set up the things you offer inside your chosen webinar software. Remember, the point of creating an automated webinar funnel is to make sales. Specify and set up appropriate time slots that will prompt users to buy your product or service. 

After you’ve completely set-up your automated webinar, you’re more or less ready to start making sales. Before you run anything, always make it a habit to double, triple check to ensure everything’s in place. 

Step 5 – Instill Urgency

Right off the bat, you have to make people feel that what you’re offering is limited. This is extremely important as what differentiates your automated webinar from other recordings is built-in urgency. Remember that live webinars work so well because people need to make a decision before they leave the webinar room.

I recommend that you create a “special offer” that’s only available to those who will attend the webinar. Consider this as a bonus for people who signed up. Make it so that it’s always free for anyone to purchase outside of the webinar, but they won’t get the special offer. 

Now that you know that you need to create some sort of urgency, take the effort to do it right. This means you should make sure to set a deadline that works. The question now is, how do you create urgency in a world full of replays? What’s going to get your potential customers to click and watch now when there’s an endless amount of opportunity to watch later?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Make use of  the words “Now” or “Today” to nudge registrants to act right away rather than later. For instance, you can use these words in your title like “Watch [Webinar Title] again Today!”
  • Mention the date when your webinar will be removed from the page. You can say, “This webinar will expire at [date or time].” This way, you’re letting viewers know that they can only watch until a specific time.
  • Display a countdown timer. This will let your registrants see the time left until the webinar replay expires. 

Step 6 – Create a Follow-up Sequence

Your sales funnel shouldn’t end after the webinar. Keep in mind, a huge portion of sales will be coming from your follow-up emails after your webinar!

You don’t need to sound too fancy, just start with a simple sequence of 5 emails that prompt registrants to watch the replay of your webinar. Then, witness how your webinar replay does the selling for you. 

You can also set a second deadline in your email follow-up email sequence, where you offer a product or service for a good deal. Don’t forget to add a specific date of when the deal ends.

Here’s a 3-step webinar follow-up strategy:

  • Create a replay page that urges and encourages your visitors to attend another webinar.
  • Segment the list of your attendees and send them personalized emails. 
  • Use a video of a mini-course to nurture your leads further down your sales funnel.

Take Your Time Back

Automated webinar software is the key to more money, more time, and a business that can run on autopilot. You owe it to yourself to make things easier in your business. 

What I love about webinar funnels is that they allow you to give your audience massive value and then pitch anything they might need all in ONE seating. In today’s busy world full of distractions, having the ability to get someone’s attention for an hour is a rare opportunity, so make use of it. Learn more about implementing webinars into your sales funnel with StealthSeminar.

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